The Fitness Major & Team Ownership

11 Sep

On Football Talk Now, Vince Singletary, the Fitness Major, will be discussing what players need to be doing before the season begins. Also on the show, what costs does it take to be a team owner?

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Watch: The Man Behind the Brand:

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The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson Returns

21 Aug

The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson returns to JC Hawks Sports Network on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at its new time 5:00 p.m. pst/8:00 p.m. est. Stay tuned for details.

4 Quarters with Coach Lee is Back!!

4 Jul

4 Quarters with Coach Lee is coming back on-the-air Monday, July 15, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. – PST that can be heard on JC Hawks Radio.  4 Quarters with Coach Lee’s older episodes can still be heard on WFB Talk and WFB Talk Continues (Independent Sports Network).  Coach Lee made his first debut with WFB Talk Continues over 10 years ago.  4 Quarters with Coach Lee ran for over four years.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon …..

The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson – Mindy Jenkins – Breana Haines

7 Aug

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 9:00 p.m.-EST Coach Johnson’s guests on tonight’s show will be Mindy Jenkins from the Tri Cities Thunder and Breana Haines from the North Florida Pumas.

Coach Johnson can be heard every Tuesday night at 9pm-EST on JC Hawks Sports Network.

Call-ins are welcome 657-383-1020 or visit us in the chat room at and ask questions that Coach Johnson will answer on-the-air.


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Possibly Two NEW Coaches shows!!

2 Dec

JC Hawks Sports Network is currently working on a deal for two more Coaches shows.  If you listened to my pilot show on JC Hawks Radio, I mentioned that I use to have another network called WFB Talk that aired every Sunday as well as Coaches shows during the week.  JC Hawks Sports Network is looking to do the same.  Right now we currently have The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson every Tuesday night, 9pm-EST.  If this deal goes through, you could possibly hear them starting in January 2018.  Stay tuned for additional updates.

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The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson – The Right Coach & Coaches finding the right team

2 Dec

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 9 p.m.- EST on the 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson will discuss the right Coach & Coaches finding the right team.  Call-ins are welcome 657-383-1020 or use the chat room at

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Your Best or Worst Flag Football Coaches

29 Jun
July 20
Radio HostS: Diane Beruldsen & Kristin Horgen
Producer: BJ Coletta—————————-
On the Show Topic: Coaching Stories from players.

 Description of the Show

Tell us about your best or worst flag football coaches

Were you ever turned off from the sport because of a coach you had? Were you motivated to play your best because of a great coach?


We would love to hear your story about

your flag football coaches – Good & Bad


You can weigh in with your thoughts and comments

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“Players officiating in their own tournament” Part 2

10 Jun

We continue the conversation from last month’s topic

“Players officiating in their own tournament”Part 2

We got so much feedback from last month’s show,

that we bring the topic back on this month’s show to hear more comments.

IWFFA encourages players to officiate in  tournaments they play in competitively. Then when a player’s team is not playing, she can officiate in the tournament.

It this controversial?
What are the Advantages?
What are the Disadvantages?

You can weigh in with your thoughts and comments

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June 21, 2017 at 6 p.m. (est)

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Players officiating their own tournament

13 May

When the IWFFA introduced flag football to the Scandinavians, back in the 90’s, there were no flag football teams, coaches, even american tackle football

was not so popular and so the women had to play, coach and officiate themselves.

The players themsevles officiating was excellent – The outcome was fantastic!

The Scandinavian tournaments have always incorporated their own players officiating the tournament games when their team is not competing

USA players may think of this as an unfair advantage.

However, actualy, players officiating their own games  changed the flavor of the sport games and teams camaraderie

Their games are friendly, competitive and never once was there an unfair advantage our call which teams protested due to unfair advantage

The IWFFA offers our members – officiating clinics – for free – in order to create better players, high quality officials

and the IWFFA allows players to officiate in tournaments they are competing in as players .

It this controversial? 
What are the Advantages
What are the Disadvantages

You can weigh in with your thoughts and comments

Our guest tonight is Mark Walker:

Head Official for the IWFFA

2015 Porter Wilson Recipient

Mark has seen so many teams/players and shares his knowledge with us.

Join Us !

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Show Date:  Wednesday, May 17th 9:00 p.m. (est) Click HERE to listen.

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Women Should Rule Their Own Sport

19 Apr

IWFFA Radio is back on the air Every 3rd Wednesday starting April 19, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. (est).  Follow the International Women’s Flag Football Association at

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” Women Should Rule Their Own Sport”– IWFFA President and Founder: Diane Beruldsen

Host of the show: Kristin Horgen  interviews Diane Beruldsen.

Topics to be discussed about the

International Women’s Flag Football Association

  • History
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Promotions
  • Expansion of the sport
  • and more
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Mark on you Calendar

2017 Show Dates


  • April 19
  • May 17
  • June 21
  • July 19
  • August 16
  • September 20
  • October 18
  • November 15
  • December 20


A.K.A. Bj

2 Mar

I have been away from reporting on women’s tackle football for a very long time.  I first started WFB Talk (Women’s Football Talk) in November, 2006.  The WPFL (Women’s Professional Football League) and NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) were still around.  First with the blog and then the internet radio site, Blogtalkradio, where we did a live broadcast show every Sunday throughout the year, not just the season, but the whole year.  I stopped in 2012 with the show, doing my show WFB Talk, that is.  I still upload shows for the IWFFA (International Women’s Flag Football Association) on the WFB Talk site though.  Oscar Lopez, of Gridiron Beauties helped host the show for me during 2012 and then when I finally left he created his show, which is #1 in reporting women’s football.  WFB Talk had four co-hosts.  There was Beebe, Meg, Robin and myself.  Our very first show was nine years ago  on the “History of Women’s Tackle Football”.  Over the years we had many wonderful guests and great interviews.


The reason to why I am bringing this up is that I want to return back to reporting on women’s tackle football.  Start from scratch and earn my way back.  I will be starting a new show using a pseudonym rather than my actual name and I will be handling only one league.  I’ve been away much too long to jump with both feet in.

I write this publicly because I don’t want you to think that I am deceiving you, but rather trying to work my way back into the game.

Hope to see you “Over-the-air-waves”.


2016 Blondes vs Brunettes – Santa Barbara, CA

26 Jul

Description of July 15, 2016 Show

Topic for Tonight:  2016 Blondes vs. Brunettes – Santa Barbara, CA

Flag Football Game Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease and future league for women’s flag football

Host: Diane Beruldsen

Guests: Ashley Davis, Kirstin Hess – Captain, Shawn Banks – Coach

Length of show: 24.: 27

Blondes vs. Brunettes Competition to raise money for Alzheimer’s Association

Their big game is on July 23, 2016

Last year the Blondes and Brunettes from Santa Barbara, CA raised $86,000 and this year they raise the bar even higher hoping to raise $100,00!

Speaking with Kirstin Hess, captain of the team:

Kirstin explains about the team and event.

They begin recruiting in March for their July 23 game. They search other sports leagues, flier up all over town to find their future flag football players.

Speaking with Ashley Davis – Player:

The women come together for the event, however they have formed friendships off the field as well.

What happens if any Blonde player should dye her hair? Will this group turn into a league? We know for sure that blondes definitely have more fun.

Shawn Banks – head coach:

Assures us there will be a new league for women’s flag football in Santa Barbara. He describes the rules, the Blondes vs. Brunettes history and shares some inside information about the team. Who will win the big game on July 23? Shawn’s affirms it will be the Blondes.

2016 Blondes vs. Brunettes – Santa Barbara, CA


Welcome to Rival, where two teams of women divided to reflect rivalries such as East vs. West or Blondes vs. Brunettes compete in a flag football game to inspire fundraising, awareness and action in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. 

Looking to get involved? We need dedicated players, but we also need coaches and volunteers. Want to cheer from the crowd? Donate to one of our players and you can receive admission to the game. It’s time to pick a side! Together, we can tackle Alzheimer’s.

Date & Time:

Saturday July 23, 2016 11am Tailgate opens & 12:30pm Kickoff

Location: Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, 3300 Via Real Carpentaria, CA 93013

Final Score for the July 23, 2016 game: Blondes 18 vs. Brunettes 6

and $72,000, was raised for Alzheimer’s Disease, and they raised more than previous year.

Click HERE to listen to the show!

1st annual San Salvador, El Salvador Hosted by ASFA

17 Jul

Descripción del Programa

Tema: 1er. Torneo internacional de la IWFFA – El Salvador organizado por ASFA

Conducido por: Mishel Monterroso

Invitadas: Briseida Beltran, Olga Flores, Athenas Castro, Jackelyne, Alejandra Corrales, Kimbely Lemus y Karen Cruz, Nelly, Alison del Cid.

Duración del show: 30:45

1er. Torneo Internacional de Flag Football de la IWFFA – El Slavador, Julio 2 y 3 de 1016

8 contra 8

Este torneo contó con la participación de 7 equipos de diferentes países. Copanecas, Linces, Guaras de Honduras, Cuscatlecas, Barbarians, Spartans de El Salvador y Vikingas de Guatemala.

Briseida Beltran: Fue la encargada de la organización del torneo, ella juega para el equipo Cuscatlecas y es la representante de su país para la IWFFA.

En nuestra conversación ella explica que para el evento, contó con el apoyo de las compañeras de Cuscatlecas y los demás equipos para lograr el éxito del 1er torneo en El Salvador. Además de indicar que fue de su agrado que todas las chicas convivieran y disfrutaran de cada parido y también fuera de la cancha.

Olga Flores – Reciever y safety del equipo de Barbarians El Salvador indica que el torneo le pareció excelente y que lleva 2 años practicando flag. Comenta que se prepararon entrenando 3 veces por semana para poder hacer una buena competencia.

Athenas Castro –  Mariscal de campo del equipo Guaras de Honduras, tiene 4 años de experiencia jugando flag en diferentes modalidades, aunque la modalidad de 8 es una de sus favoritas. Indica que le ha gustado el torneo, sin embargo no le pareció el arbitraje y considera que se debería hacer una reunión para tratar de aclarar puntos del reglamento.

Jackelie Ferman – Centro del equipo de cuscatlecas

Considera que los equipos tienen una excelente oportunidad de compartir y aprender de los otros equipos y así tener más competencia y que aumente el compañerismo.

Alejandra Corrales – Safety equipo Linces de Honduras.

Alegre de compartir con los equipos y de disfrutar de la competencia. Ella comenta que tiene 3 años de experiencia jugando Flag.

Kimberly Lemus – Reciever Vikingas de Guatemala

Tiene 3 meses de jugar en el quipo y comenta que es un deporte que la apasiona y disfrutando de su primera experiencia en un torneo.

Además habla sobre el tema transgénero en los equipos de flag. Ella indica que es una posibilidad ya que el flag no requiere de un contacto agresivo y que además podría haber la posibilidad de que ellos crearan sus equipos.

Karen Cruz –  Entrenadora de equipo Vikingas de Guatemala.

Cometa que como inició Vikingas en Guatemala y de la experiencia de la mayoría de las jugadoras que pudieron viajar, compartir y aprender del primer torno de la IWFFA en el Salvador, además comenta sobre la algunas de las dificultades en el torneo y sobre todo de como la convivencia entre equipos puede marcar la diferencia.

Nelly – Guardia del equipo Copanecas de Honduras.

Se alegra de que la liga Salvadoreña haya crecido y organizado el torneo de la IWFFA. Además indica que aún se deben discutir algunos temas del reglamento.

Alison del cid – Receptora del equipo Spartans

Tiene 6 meses de pertenecer al equipo  le parece excelente la oportunidad de jugar con equipos de otros países y que han aprendido y esperan que ese torneo se vuelva a repetir.

Juegos del Sábado

8AM Spartans 0 Guaras 6
9AM Vikingas 0 Copanecas 8
10AM Cuscatlecas 0 Linces 6
11AM Spartans 15 Vikingas 0
12Noon Barbarians 8 Copanecas 0
1PM Cuscatlecas 0 Guaras 12
2PM Spartans 6 Copanecas 0
3PM Barbarians 8 Linces 0
4PM Cuscatlecas 21 Vikingas 0
5PM Barbarians 6 Guaras 0

Juegos del Domingo

8AM Linces 13 Vikingas 0






Salem Bowl

10 Jul

Description of July 8, 2016 Show

Host: Diane Beruldsen

Guests: Trish Wall and Nick Davis, Laura Lanigan, Coach Simon Lindsay, Diana Bahr, Mellisa Zahn, Erica Duley, Crystal Myra, Maria Grey, Raquela Johnson, Adrienna, Jacqueline Williams, Rosaria Miller, Cathy Torguesine, Coach Austin , Somari Rodrow, Sara, Katy and Stacy

Length of show: 46:16

Salem Freedom Bowl  – June 25 – 26, 2016 – Salem Oregon

8 on 8 and 5 on 5 flag football style of play

Oregon Flag Football league show cases 6 big tournaments each year – throughout different parts of Oregon

Trish Wall plays for the 8 on 8 team: “Legit”, who are undefeated champs and ranked #1 in the northwest. She also fills in to play 5 on 5  for  another  team in the tournament: Roseberg Respect .

In our conversation with Trish she explains why she decided to design her own set of flags, her inspiration to grow the sport of flag football in her region. Trish Wall and Nick Davis, together have started up: “Man Up Oregon” and “Women Up Oregon” as well as the: Oregon RVFFL women’s flag football league, and they are now part of the west coast union which is a  partnership with California, Washington and Oregon. Trish and Nick Davis travel up and down highway I 5 to other parts of Oregon to teach drills and skills needed to learn in order to play to start up new teams of flag football

The Salem Freedom Bowl: Teams competing (6 women’s) Eugene Reign, Grants Pass Legit, Grants Pass Tight Endz, Medford Empire, Salem Blitz, Seattle 20Pick6.  The tournament has two divisions: Top Flight Division (Grants Pass Tight Endz will take championship) and Competitive Division (Seattle 20Pick6 will take the championship) and allows for teams to borrow players during the competition in order to compete. “Players just want to play, and get better in the sport” says Trish. Teams have so much camaraderie amongst each other. The league started co-ed, then went gender specific with  5 on 5, and today offers both 5 on 5 and 8 on 8 style of play. Trish says 5 on 5 builds skills for the 8 on 8. “All styles of flag football can only help each other”.

Laura Lanigan –  A “Legit” player talks about the 8 on 8 program, 5 on 5 fading and we get a little bit into the “dynamics” of female athletes vs. male athletes.

Coach Simon Lindsay –  of the Lady Legit Team – talks about this team, which is a family. The differences between female and male flag football players. Women do not make as many mistakes as men during crunch time or play offs due to ego and lack of focus. Lady Legit players honor decisions coach Simon makes. “The Greatest Teams always Loose”…. find out why.

Diana Bahr and Mellisa Zahn from the Empire Team in Medford Oregon

talk to us right off the field with a 14 – 8 win. Winning is everything, no mercy – this is flag football… not ballet. It’s important to keep your drive no matter how weak their competitor team may be. Tips for the new player: Watch football and play whatever flag football you can play.

Erica Duley – Captain of Ladies Reign of Eugene, Oregon.

Teams are really tight, they mix and mingle. The Lady Regins are a very diverse team – players on the team are so different. They play both 5 on 5 and 8 on 8. 80% of the team are mothers, who really have made such a commitment, bringing their children to their practices. All the team’s have male coaches and coaches are allowed to be on the field during the tournament helping teams call their plays.

Lady Savages or Clement Falls, Oregon

Crystal Myra, Maria Grey, Raquela Johnson, Adrienna, Jacqueline Williams, Rosaria Miller, Cathy Torguesine, Coach Austin – a new team playing just one year. They are using the tournament as a learning experience. They like everything about flag football, the bonding, the flag football family. Their rival team is “Legit ” only because they are undefeated champs.

Roseberg Respect  Team – Somari Rodrow, Sara, Katy and Stacy – are team mates and coached by Nick Davis who started the team back in October 2016. They play 5 on 5, with contact for the first 5 yards. Even though their team does not play  8 on 8, they filled in an empty spot on the 8 on 8 division. Great sports willing to help the event anyway they can.

Nick Davis – co-founder of the league and tournament talks how he and Trish started up all the teams, the west coast union, starting from co-ed, to gender leagues, from 5 on 5 to now in addition 8 on 8. Nick also shares how he believes men’s flag football may be destroying the game. Regarding his female athletes, after one year, the women should be able to coach their own teams and not be so dependent on the men. Nick is driven to building the female flag football player to be independent, less dependent on the men. Giving women the tools, to then go out and be leaders.


This is the current Top 10 Women’s teams in the State Of Oregon for tournaments.

  1. Grants Pass Lady Legit: 450 points (2nd Snow Bowl, 1st Desert Bowl, 3rd Freedom Bowl)
  2. Medford Empire:  375 points. 250 Points Comp conversion to Top Flight 125 pts. (1st Comp Snow Bowl, 2nd Desert, and 2nd Freedom)
  3. Grants Pass Tight Endz: 325 points (3rd Snow Bowl and 1st Freedom Bowl)
  4. Eugene Reign: 225 points (3rd Snow Bowl, 3rd Desert, and 3rd in Freedom)
  5. Salem Blitz: 175 points (4th Snow Bowl, 4th Desert, and 2nd Comp Freedom Bowl)
  6. Roseburg Respect: 50 points (2nd place Freedom Bowl 5 on 5)
  7. Medford Venom: 25 points (3rd place Snow Bowl Comp)
  8. Klamath Lady Sav’s: 5 points (4th place Freedom Bowl 5 on 5)
  9. Salem United: 0 points
  10. Rose City KillHerz: 0 points
  11. Medford Warfare: 0 points
  12. Grants Pass Lady Kaos: 0 points
  13. Grants Pass Lady Hazard: 0 points

To Listen to the show visit IWFFA Radio

Sponsorship Packages Now Available

23 Feb

WFB Talk on BlogTalk Radio is now offering sponsorship packages for as little as $10 per month:

Show Sponsorship:  “Brought to you by” live on-air sponsorship at the beginning and end of the show as well as noted in the show description, tweeted and on the blog – one available per show – Note:  Not available if any Segment Sponsorship sold (email for rates).

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Co-Host Wanted

21 Feb

WFB Talk, on Blogtalk Radio, is looking for a Co-host for the 2015 season.  Must love women’s football, willing to discuss various football related topics as well interview our special guests.  If you have experience that’s a plus, but no experience is necessary.

Send your resume or letter of interest to  Be sure to type in the subject line Co-host.


IWFFA Radio Returns On-Air Friday 2-20-15

19 Feb

IWFFA Radio returns to the WFB Talk Radio Network this Friday and EVERY Friday 10pm-est.

Excerpt from the IWFFA website:

Listen to interviews with professionals, players, coaches & fantastics from around the world.

Each month our distinguished panel of radio women will be presented with a “hot topic” for conversation,
woman of the month, advertising & music are all part of the show.

We will keep you up to date on news and announcements within the IWFFA bout tournaments,
clinics, conferences and opportunities to get involved in change.

WE would love to know what you would like to hear, so feel free to contact us at IWFFA@IWFFA.COM
and give us your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

To Listen Click HERE


Website Update

10 Feb

UPDATE 2-16-15:  Still updating the league links, but to speed me along email me with your league to be sure not to be missed (see post below).

Original Post Below:

During the next several days I will be updating the links on the website and will be adding leagues not currently listed.  If during the time I’m updating and I miss a league, please shoot me an email at

Posts on the blog will also be resuming shortly.  WFB Talk will re-start for the 2015 season in March.  Date will be announced soon.

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WFB Talk Promotion Giveaway

18 Aug


Gearing for next season.  Already ordered my new business cards.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @wfbtalk and win 1 of 5 t-shirt giveaways when 1000 followers reached.  We are partnering up with @gridironbeautie for a chance to win a #nojokefootball t-shirt.  Be sure to spread the word.

2014 IWFL Eastern Conference Championship

6 Jul

The New York Sharks travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Pittsburgh Passion for the IWFL Eastern Conference Championship.

Kick-off 7:00pm-est Saturday, July 12th.

Pat Brown and Dave Maxwell – Voice of the New York Sharks (WFNradio)

Follow the teams on twitter @NYSharks @pghpassionFB