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The Fitness Major & Team Ownership

11 Sep

On Football Talk Now, Vince Singletary, the Fitness Major, will be discussing what players need to be doing before the season begins. Also on the show, what costs does it take to be a team owner?

Vist Vince’s Website:

Watch: The Man Behind the Brand:

Click HERE to listen to show

The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson Returns

21 Aug

The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson returns to JC Hawks Sports Network on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at its new time 5:00 p.m. pst/8:00 p.m. est. Stay tuned for details.

The 5th Quarter with Coach Johnson – Mindy Jenkins – Breana Haines

7 Aug

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 9:00 p.m.-EST Coach Johnson’s guests on tonight’s show will be Mindy Jenkins from the Tri Cities Thunder and Breana Haines from the North Florida Pumas.

Coach Johnson can be heard every Tuesday night at 9pm-EST on JC Hawks Sports Network.

Call-ins are welcome 657-383-1020 or visit us in the chat room at and ask questions that Coach Johnson will answer on-the-air.


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Sponsorship Packages Now Available

23 Feb

WFB Talk on BlogTalk Radio is now offering sponsorship packages for as little as $10 per month:

Show Sponsorship:  “Brought to you by” live on-air sponsorship at the beginning and end of the show as well as noted in the show description, tweeted and on the blog – one available per show – Note:  Not available if any Segment Sponsorship sold (email for rates).

Segment Sponsorship:  “Brought to you by” live on-air at the beginning and end of a segment – up to four available per show – Note:  Not available if Show Sponsorship sold (email for rates).

Two 15 second radio spots per show (live or produced) / $10 month / 2 month minimum (airs 8 times)  – two available per show

Two 30 second radio spots per show (live or produced) / $20 month / 2 month minimum (airs 8 times) – two available per show

** Shows are also available on podcast immediately after on-air

For more information email

IWFFA Radio Returns On-Air Friday 2-20-15

19 Feb

IWFFA Radio returns to the WFB Talk Radio Network this Friday and EVERY Friday 10pm-est.

Excerpt from the IWFFA website:

Listen to interviews with professionals, players, coaches & fantastics from around the world.

Each month our distinguished panel of radio women will be presented with a “hot topic” for conversation,
woman of the month, advertising & music are all part of the show.

We will keep you up to date on news and announcements within the IWFFA bout tournaments,
clinics, conferences and opportunities to get involved in change.

WE would love to know what you would like to hear, so feel free to contact us at IWFFA@IWFFA.COM
and give us your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

To Listen Click HERE


What’s New?

28 Feb

ISPN2 will be airing the Everette Reign and Las Vegas Showgirlz this Saturday, March 2nd, 7pm-pst Kick-off on

Women’s Football Talk is back on the air Sunday, March 3rd, 3pm-pst, with Hosts Oscar Lopez and Bj Coletta.  Our Team Guest this week is the Houston Power of the Women’s Football Alliance.

Independent Sports Network will be airing the Phantom Phantomz vs Las Vegas Showgirlz on March 16, 7pm-pst Kick-off on

IWFL Radio Network is airing its Pilot Show, Tuesday, March 26th 8:30pm-est with Hosts Coach Red and Bj Coletta, talking everything IWFL.

For all updates be sure to check the twitter feed on the right sidebar or follow @wfbtalk.

WFB Talk Radio Network

4 Feb

Monday – 4 Quarters with Coach Lee 7pm-pst – Every Monday with Coach Lee


Thursday (Every 3rd Thursday of every month) – IWFFA Radio – Diane Beruldsen, Tamalam Walker & Nance Wernes

Friday – Talking Women’s Football (previously Friday Night Football Preview) – John & Julie Shockley … Coming back soon

Sunday – Women’s Football Talk (during the season) – Bj Coletta

For all shows above, visit – WFB Talk Radio Network

And . . .

IWFL Radio Network  ….  TBA


Meet the Colorado Sting

29 Sep

Join me tomorrow 3pm-pst for Women’s Football Talk as I am joined with Head Coach Robinson of the Colorado Sting, IWFL 2012 Tier III Bowl Contenders.

IWFL Photo Gallery: Championship Team Posters &emdash;

How did the Sting come to arrive in the IWFL, as well as games played in their first season leading to the Tier III Bowl.

Also find out what has been developing with this new team as we now head towards the 2013 season.

Coach Robinson will be joining me at 3:45pm-pst so be sure to tune in.

For more information on the Colorado Sting, visit


Also joining me is Oscar Lopez of Gridiron Beauties for the LFL Review of Saturday Nights match up between the Toronto Triumph and the BC Angels.


WFB Talk – Women’s Football Talk with your host Bj Coletta, can be heard Every Sunday at 3pm-pst on BlogTalkRadio.

Click HERE to Listen.

New Calendar Tab

8 May

Check out the new calendar tab (above or active mini version below) to see all the upcoming WFB Talk Radio Network shows scheduled.

Note:  Independent Sports Network (ISN/ISPN2) will also be listed since it falls under the WFB Talk Radio Network umbrella.

Games Scheduled for Broadcast April 28th

26 Apr

Games Scheduled on Saturday,  April 28th:

Click HERE to Listen (DC Divas Broadcast)

Click HERE to Watch Video

Pre-game 5:05pm-est / Kick-off 6:00pm-est

NY Sharks vs DC Divas


Click HERE to Listen (NY Sharks Broadcast)

Kick-off 6pm-est


Click HERE to Listen

Kick-off 4pm-est

Cleveland Fusion vs Detroit Dark Angels



Click HERE to Listen

Kick-off 6:30pm-est

Baltimore Nighthawks vs Carolina Phoenix


Click HERE to Listen

Kick-off 6pm-pst

San Diego Surge vs AZ Assassins

Arizona Assassins Radio Network


Note:  Not all games may be listed until actual game day.


ISPN2 to be used in 2012

16 Apr

ISPN2 will be utilized for the first time this Saturday, April 21, 2012 for what it was originally intended to be used for.

Independent Sports Network 2 – The Instant Audio Broadcast Network

I acquired the ISPN2 network site in 2010 and used it only for rebroadcast of audio from past  games played on our other network.  I usually was available to run the boards using our blogtalkradio site that when the time came, this site would be available.

Before Sunday’s, Women’s Football Talk, I tested the ISPN2 network with two seperate clip tests to re-enact how the announcers would be using the site as I watched the live on-air indicator from the site.

Listen to clips below:

Part I:   Click Part 1 HERE

Part II:  Click Part 2 HERE

Note:  Both clips together total only 3 minutes

Check out our website to listen to the audio game broadcast of the Las Vegas Showgirlz vs Los Angeles Amazons this Saturday, April 21st – 6pm-pst  at

Here’s a quick tiny url to remember:

Games Scheduled for Broadcast – April 14th

11 Apr

Games Scheduled on Saturday, April 14th:

Click HERE to Listen

FACEBOOK:  Independent Sports Network


Click HERE to Listen

Kick-off 6pm-est

New York Sharks at Boston Militia


Boston Militia Channel – LIVE STREAM Click HERE 6pm-est


Click HERE to Listen

Live Video Click HERE – (PPV $5.95)

PreGame Show 5:05pm-est / Kick-off 6pm-est

DC Divas vs Pittsburgh Passion


Click HERE to Listen

Kick-off 6pm-pst

California Quake vs Phoenix Phantomz


Be sure to Follow our Twitter @wfbtalk for Score Updates

Note:  Not all games may be listed under the Games tab until actual game day.

Playmaker U Women’s Football Workshop

27 Mar

Kamau Peterson joins me Sunday, April 8th to discuss the women’s football workshop, a new program added to Playmaker U Inc.

From the Playmaker U website:

The emerging market of Womens football has prompted Playmaker U as the forerunner in Football development in Western Canada to create an initiative for these women to further their growth and knowledge of the game, as so many hundreds of their male counterparts do every year through PMU’s programs. 

Programs at Playmaker U include athlete training, football programs and team/group training.

The Institute:

Also our very own Fitness Major, Vince Singletary will be discussing  common injuries women face in football and how they can continue to strengthen during the season.

Tune in Sunday, April 8th, 3pm-pst on Women’s Football Talk.

Chat room will be open.

Twan Russell, former Miami Dolphins Player this Sunday

21 Mar

This Sunday on Women’s Football Talk,  Twan Russell, former Miami Dolphins Player & current Director of Youth Programs will talk about the upcoming Annual Girl’s Flag Football Jamboree to be held on April 2nd.

Also from hear from three teams (Atlanta Phoenix, Carolina Phoenix and Utah Jynx) as they share their Effective Recruiting Techniques.

Join us Sunday, March 25th 3pm-pst on WFB Talk.

Chat room will be open!!

Girls Can’t WHAT?

12 Mar

Ever been told you can’t because you’re a girl?

Girls Can’t WHAT?” creator Gretchen Cawthon joins us on Sunday to tell us how this all got started and the need for having empowering gifts for girls.

Also join us we continue our talk with teams of the Western Women’s Canadian Football League (WWCFL), Lethbridge Steel and the Nomads Wolf Pack.

Listen LIVE this Sunday, March 18th starting at 3pm-pst on Women’s Football Talk.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @wfbtalk for updates and news on Women’s Tackle Football.

Chat Room will be open!!

Audio Game Broadcasts – Independent Sports Network

8 Mar

The Independent Sports Network is kicking off the 2012 audio game broadcast season with the Jackpot Bowl Saturday, March 10th, 6pm-pst to be held in Las Vegas, NV.








Las Vegas Showgirlz vs Phoenix Phantomzplay by play, Mike Slater

I created a facebook face to be used for the audio game broadcasts for our channel so you don’t have to rely on the blogtalk radio chat room to get the updates.  I will be tweeting the updates directly from the facebook page, which is linked to @wfbtalk.

Fans of the teams playing are encouraged to upload directly to the page from the games they are attending (comments, photos and videos) with the use of their smart phone for our audio listeners.


Independent Sports Network – previously WFB Talk Continues will be used for All Audio Game Broadcasts.


This site will be used for Audio Broadcasts to anyone that needs a sound board to broadcast their game LIVE over the internet.

Two other sites will be used in conjunction with the Independent Sports Network.

ISPN2 will be used as our Independent Sports Network 2 – The Instant Audio Broadcast Network for those that need immediate broadcasting set up.

ISportsNetwork 3 will be used for pre-games.

All three will be linked from for easy access under the BTR – On-Air tab, unless it is ISPN2 only, which has a seperate tab.

At this time @wfbtalk Twitter account will still be utilized to promote any audio game broadcasts, most of which are related to Women’s Tackle Football at this time.

The goal of this Network is to eventually reach other venues.

Come Meet 2011 IWFL World Champions – Atlanta Xplosion

5 Mar

Join us this Sunday to meet the Atlanta Xplosion, the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) 2011 World Champions.

We had players on last season when they were in transition. Hear what they have to say about the 2011 season and what’s ahead for 2012 and how they will work to defend their Championship title.

NEW GoalsNEW Talent NEW Attitude

Meet Players, Benita Fam Williams, Elizabeth Lane and Kristen London

Also come hear about the Manitoba Girls Football Association (MGFA) – YES, Girls Tackle Football!!!  Our guest, Lisa Cummings, Co-Founder, talks about the first of its kind in Western Canada.

From the MGFA website:

The MGFA is dedicated to developing and fostering opportunities for girls to play football against girls. 

We are not competition for minor football in Manitoba, our leagues are played in the spring, this allows girls learn how to play, hone their skills and compete against each other, and if they so choose to compete in the youth leagues in the fall.

 It is a stand alone program that alows the girls that only want to play against other girls to do so, and still alows the girls that wish to play fall football to do so as well. 

Tune in this Sunday, March 11th at 3pm-pst for Women’s Football Talk.

Meet Teams of the WWCFL – Western Women’s Canadian Football League

27 Feb

Join us Sunday, March 4th as we talk to teams of the Western Women’s Canadian Football League (WWCFL).

Meet the Lethbridge SteelEdmonton StormManitoba FearlessSaskatoon ValkyriesCalgary Rage and the Nomads Wolf Pack.

Listen LIVE this Sunday starting at 3pm-pst on Women’s Football Talk.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @wfbtalk for updates and news on Women’s Tackle Football.

Chat Room will be open!!

Women’s Football Talk Co-host Wanted

24 Feb

Women’s Football Talk has been on the airwaves since August 2007.

Original WFB Talk Promo Channel (above)

Original Co-hosts of the show Robin Grove (Btm R), Megan Glass (Top L), Marina Beebe (Top R) and Barbara “Bj” Coletta (Btm L).

(Photos taken from the Sacramento Sirens website in 2007)

What makes a good show is other opinions, so that is why I am looking for at least one co-host to help me run the show.   I am looking for someone who is interested in helping to promote women’s tackle football. 

Here at Women’s Football Talk our mission is to Educate, Promote and Advance Women’s Tackle Football.

If you are interested in being part of the show, email and tell me why you would be a good fit.  You don’t have to have experience, but you must be passionate about women’s football.

Note:  Women’s Football Talk will be on Every Sunday from 3pm-pst to 4:30pm-pst during the regular season at

Friday Night Football Preview Back for 2012

17 Feb

Friday Night Football Preview is coming back for the 2012 Women’s Tackle Football Season.  It’s about giving the players their due recognition based on individual as well as team accomplishments.

Join us every Friday during the regular season with our hosts, John and Julie Shockley (Team USA).

(Photo taken by Paul Feuersanger)

If  you recall, John and Julie were involved in announcing both 2011 IWFL Championship games as well as the All Star Game for Fox Sports and the Independent Sports Network.

John also had part in announcing during the Team USA game broadcasts that were simulcast from Sweden in 2010, where USA won a Gold Medal at First Ever IFAF Women’s World Championship.

(Photo taken by Gary Babcock)

John Shockley interviewing Head Coach John Konecki (Team USA) in Sweden