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10 Jul

Description of July 8, 2016 Show

Host: Diane Beruldsen

Guests: Trish Wall and Nick Davis, Laura Lanigan, Coach Simon Lindsay, Diana Bahr, Mellisa Zahn, Erica Duley, Crystal Myra, Maria Grey, Raquela Johnson, Adrienna, Jacqueline Williams, Rosaria Miller, Cathy Torguesine, Coach Austin , Somari Rodrow, Sara, Katy and Stacy

Length of show: 46:16

Salem Freedom Bowl  – June 25 – 26, 2016 – Salem Oregon

8 on 8 and 5 on 5 flag football style of play

Oregon Flag Football league show cases 6 big tournaments each year – throughout different parts of Oregon

Trish Wall plays for the 8 on 8 team: “Legit”, who are undefeated champs and ranked #1 in the northwest. She also fills in to play 5 on 5  for  another  team in the tournament: Roseberg Respect .

In our conversation with Trish she explains why she decided to design her own set of flags, her inspiration to grow the sport of flag football in her region. Trish Wall and Nick Davis, together have started up: “Man Up Oregon” and “Women Up Oregon” as well as the: Oregon RVFFL women’s flag football league, and they are now part of the west coast union which is a  partnership with California, Washington and Oregon. Trish and Nick Davis travel up and down highway I 5 to other parts of Oregon to teach drills and skills needed to learn in order to play to start up new teams of flag football

The Salem Freedom Bowl: Teams competing (6 women’s) Eugene Reign, Grants Pass Legit, Grants Pass Tight Endz, Medford Empire, Salem Blitz, Seattle 20Pick6.  The tournament has two divisions: Top Flight Division (Grants Pass Tight Endz will take championship) and Competitive Division (Seattle 20Pick6 will take the championship) and allows for teams to borrow players during the competition in order to compete. “Players just want to play, and get better in the sport” says Trish. Teams have so much camaraderie amongst each other. The league started co-ed, then went gender specific with  5 on 5, and today offers both 5 on 5 and 8 on 8 style of play. Trish says 5 on 5 builds skills for the 8 on 8. “All styles of flag football can only help each other”.

Laura Lanigan –  A “Legit” player talks about the 8 on 8 program, 5 on 5 fading and we get a little bit into the “dynamics” of female athletes vs. male athletes.

Coach Simon Lindsay –  of the Lady Legit Team – talks about this team, which is a family. The differences between female and male flag football players. Women do not make as many mistakes as men during crunch time or play offs due to ego and lack of focus. Lady Legit players honor decisions coach Simon makes. “The Greatest Teams always Loose”…. find out why.

Diana Bahr and Mellisa Zahn from the Empire Team in Medford Oregon

talk to us right off the field with a 14 – 8 win. Winning is everything, no mercy – this is flag football… not ballet. It’s important to keep your drive no matter how weak their competitor team may be. Tips for the new player: Watch football and play whatever flag football you can play.

Erica Duley – Captain of Ladies Reign of Eugene, Oregon.

Teams are really tight, they mix and mingle. The Lady Regins are a very diverse team – players on the team are so different. They play both 5 on 5 and 8 on 8. 80% of the team are mothers, who really have made such a commitment, bringing their children to their practices. All the team’s have male coaches and coaches are allowed to be on the field during the tournament helping teams call their plays.

Lady Savages or Clement Falls, Oregon

Crystal Myra, Maria Grey, Raquela Johnson, Adrienna, Jacqueline Williams, Rosaria Miller, Cathy Torguesine, Coach Austin – a new team playing just one year. They are using the tournament as a learning experience. They like everything about flag football, the bonding, the flag football family. Their rival team is “Legit ” only because they are undefeated champs.

Roseberg Respect  Team – Somari Rodrow, Sara, Katy and Stacy – are team mates and coached by Nick Davis who started the team back in October 2016. They play 5 on 5, with contact for the first 5 yards. Even though their team does not play  8 on 8, they filled in an empty spot on the 8 on 8 division. Great sports willing to help the event anyway they can.

Nick Davis – co-founder of the league and tournament talks how he and Trish started up all the teams, the west coast union, starting from co-ed, to gender leagues, from 5 on 5 to now in addition 8 on 8. Nick also shares how he believes men’s flag football may be destroying the game. Regarding his female athletes, after one year, the women should be able to coach their own teams and not be so dependent on the men. Nick is driven to building the female flag football player to be independent, less dependent on the men. Giving women the tools, to then go out and be leaders.


This is the current Top 10 Women’s teams in the State Of Oregon for tournaments.

  1. Grants Pass Lady Legit: 450 points (2nd Snow Bowl, 1st Desert Bowl, 3rd Freedom Bowl)
  2. Medford Empire:  375 points. 250 Points Comp conversion to Top Flight 125 pts. (1st Comp Snow Bowl, 2nd Desert, and 2nd Freedom)
  3. Grants Pass Tight Endz: 325 points (3rd Snow Bowl and 1st Freedom Bowl)
  4. Eugene Reign: 225 points (3rd Snow Bowl, 3rd Desert, and 3rd in Freedom)
  5. Salem Blitz: 175 points (4th Snow Bowl, 4th Desert, and 2nd Comp Freedom Bowl)
  6. Roseburg Respect: 50 points (2nd place Freedom Bowl 5 on 5)
  7. Medford Venom: 25 points (3rd place Snow Bowl Comp)
  8. Klamath Lady Sav’s: 5 points (4th place Freedom Bowl 5 on 5)
  9. Salem United: 0 points
  10. Rose City KillHerz: 0 points
  11. Medford Warfare: 0 points
  12. Grants Pass Lady Kaos: 0 points
  13. Grants Pass Lady Hazard: 0 points

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