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New President of NWFA on Chalk Talk Thursday Night

3 Dec


LynMarie Liberty-Ellington, President of the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) will be Guest on Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer on Thursday, December 4 at 6:30pm(pst)/9:30pm(est) at WFB Talk Continues.  

Tune in to hear what’s upcoming with the NWFA and what can be expected for the 2009 season.


Photo courtesy of Lone Star Mustangs NWFA team web site

Tune in THIS Thursday, December 4th at 6:30pm(pst)/9:30pm(est) at WFB Talk Continues.  Join us in Chat. 

Questions or Comments before the show email bj@wfbtalk.com and I will relay the message to Coach T or you can email him directly at ktrammersports@yahoo.com.


Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer

20 Nov


Tune in tonight at 6:00pm (pst)/9:00pm (est) at WFB Talk Continues for Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer.

What’s ahead for the NWFA and the WFA?

19 Nov

Since the announcement of Catherine Masters stepping down as CEO of the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) we haven’t heard a peep of what’s going on with the league.  No updates have been made with the site and even the Regional Leagues seem to have fallen off the internet. 

My suggestion for the teams of the NWFA would be get the schedule out and have a GREAT 2009 season.  

As for the WFA (Women’s Football Alliance), Nancy and I will be driving down to Fresno, CA on Sunday to meet with Jeff and Lisa King to discuss what the Women’s Football Alliance holds and what WFB Talk can do for them for the InAugural 2009 season.  

I look forward to meeting them for the first time, though we have had many conversations over the phone and via email.

3rd & Long Featured on the WTFG Network Board

12 Nov

Tune in Tonight 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST) at WFB Talk Continues


Women’ Football –

·        West Virginia Wonders were announced as a new team in the WFA, but then the NWFA recanted that transfer

·        The WFA has 4 regions set up, including the remaining team of the WPFL.

o  More teams are still being added

o  When is their cutoff date for the 2009 season?

·        How long will it be before the WFA and NWFA merge?

·        Did C.M. contact the IWFL about merging before quitting?

·        Another week has passed and nothing has been announced about what is new with the IWFL

o  Was a gag order placed or are people that good at keeping secrets?

o  Site has yet to be updated with new divisions and teams.

§ Who got booted and who’s playing who?

·        How was everyone’s experience at the Football Camp or All-Star Event?

o  Were both a success?

o  What did the coaches meeting accomplish at the All-Star event?

Get Some Insight on 3rd & Long Tonight w/Coach Penn

29 Oct

Tune in Tonight at 7pm (PST) at WFB Talk Continues

3rd & Long – Wednesday, October 29

Show discussion topics

·        The future of the NWFA

o  C.M. steps downs

o  Structuring to be similar to WFA

o  What does this mean?

§ Two likely scenarios, with a third horrible but most likely scenario

·        The IWFL league meetings this past weekend

o  When does the season start?

o  What are the new divisions?

o  When will the league website be updated?

o  Three new teams since my last show

§ LA Amazons

§ Chattanooga Locomotion

§ NY Nemesis

·        Next weekend is huge, next show

o  Football Camp in Vegas

o  All-star event in Texas

·        Tryouts and Fundraiser’s ongoing

·        College football

o  New poll

o  Big games this weekend

§ Texas @ Texas Tech

§ Florida vs. Georgia

§ FSU @ Georgia Tech

§ Northwestern @ Minnesota

o  BCS Busters

§ Utah @ New Mexico

§ Boise State @ New Mexico St.


§ Tulsa @ Arkansas

·        Pro Football

o  Surprises

§ Tennessee Titans

·        Undefeated!!!!!

§ Bungles & Lionesses

·        Winless!!!

§ Indy & San Diego

§ NE & Washington

 Coach Penn


Tonight on 3rd & Long…You Won’t want to MISS IT!!!

15 Oct

Just got Coach Penn’s show notes and tonight you won’t want to miss this one.

Be sure to join us in the Chat room at 7:00pm (PST) while you listen at WFB Talk Continues.

Be Part of the Force…Pittsburgh Women’s Force

12 Aug
Pittsburgh Force Women’s Football Team Holding Tryouts August 16th, 2008!

Tryouts will be held Saturday, August 16th at 4pm. The location is at Ambridge High School , 909 Duss ave  Ambridge, PA 15005. The tryouts are open to all women age 18 and older. No football experience necessary.

All skill levels are encouraged to come and participate. You should wear workout clothes, bring a water bottle, a copy of your current health insurance, and a try out fee of $35. For any additional information about the Tryouts please check out the website at

www.PittsburghWomensForce.com or contact Kathy Ferrari and Felicia Mycyk by email pittsburghforce@gmail.com,  or by phone  412-583-5774.  Come and Join the FORCE.  For additional information on the National Women’s Football Association, please visit our global website at www.WomensFootballCentral.com

or call the league office at 615-860-4084.  Tryouts will be held rain or shine! Remember to bring:* Water * $35  Registration fee  * a friend to tryout too * current Photo ID * current Health Insurance card.  Don’t forget to wear work out clothes.  Tryout and work out the same day!  It’s finally your time to try out.

Thank you,

Pittsburgh Force Management

Felicia Mycyk , Owner

Kathy Ferrari, Owner

412.583.5774 office


“Come and Join the Force”