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Great Promotional Clip!!

8 Nov

The Modesto Maniax did a Great job getting this promotional clip out there…GO ManiaX!  This team has a lot of Heart.

A Great Time in Modesto

26 Apr

A Great Time in Modesto, especially for these three as they had the bounce house to play in that is available at all home games as well as receiving these cute little duckies passed to them from Maxxy, mascot for the Modesto ManiaX.

Little Duckie Friends


Maxxy & Fans

More on the game during today’s broadcast of WFB Talk. Tune in today at 3pm(pst) to www.wfbtalk.com.

Today’s Audio Game Broadcasts

25 Apr

Don’t forget to check the Games Tab for audio game broadcasts past pod casts and present.

Here are Saturday, April 25th Game Audio Broadcasts:

Scheduled Audio Game Broadcasts (Direct Links provided):

April 25, 2009

DC Divas vs Detroit Demolition at US Sports Radio

Air time 6:35pm EST

NY Sharks vs Boston Militia at WFN Radio

Click Here to Listen 1st & 2nd Qtr Broadcast at 3:15pm EST

Click Here to Listen 3rd & 4th Qtr at 5pm EST

Modesto Maniax vs Tucson Monsoon at WFB Talk Continues

Click Here to Listen to 1st & 2nd Qtr Broadcast @ 7pm PST

Click Here to Listen to 2nd Half of Broadcast @ 9pm PST (Note: Give or take a minute due to change over from part I).

If you can’t be near a computer, you can call in and I will keep you mute.  Call in at 347-826-7278.

To be sure you don’t miss any of this game Follow us on twitter.com/wfbtalk.

A Full Football Day

19 Apr

Yesterday Nancy and I had a rare treat.  We got to participate in two women’s tackle football games at the same time.  We were broadcasting LIVE on WFB Talk Continues, Las Vegas Showgirlz vs California Lynx as well as attend the Sacramento Sirens vs California Quake Game.

Nancy at Sirens Game - Chain Gang

Nancy, part of Chain Gang (Gilligan hat)

Nancy was unable to take pictures and I had my hands tied running the switchboard for Lawrence Turner, who was broadcasting for the Showgirlz.  The game actually extended beyond the Sirens vs Quake game and I had to go to my car for the additional 25 minutes to finish the broadcast so they could shut down the pressbox.  To listen to the LIVE Audio Broadcast of the Las Vegas Showgirlz vs the California Lynx, Click HERE.  Be sure to go to 2nd Half to hear remainder of the game.

During both games, I got to twitter the Sirens/Quake Game as well as the Showgirlz/Lynx Game.

Next week Nancy, Beebe and I will be at the Modesto Maniax vs Tucson Monsoon.  We are still working out the details about the broadcast, but you can find score results at www.twitter.com/wfbtalk if we don’t.

Since we got the pictures of the Sirens/Quake Game that we promised on today’s show (WFB Talk), here is the twitter blasts that we published during the game (reads from end of game to the beginning).

Twitter Blasts (www.twitter.com/wfbtalk)

FINAL Sac Sirens 46 CA Quake 0about 22 hours ago from web

TD Sirens w/2:37 left of game Sac Sirens 46 CA Quake 0about 22 hours ago from web

TouchDown Sirens #23 Noriko Kokura Sac Sirens 39 Quake 0 4:56 left of Gameabout 22 hours ago from web

4th Qtr Sac Sirens 33 CA Quake 0 w/12 min left in gameabout 22 hours ago from web

Ashlee Sharp #22 Touch Down Sirens 33 (extra point no good) Quake 0 3rd Qtr with 1:12 leftabout 23 hours ago from web

Ashlee Sharp #22 Touch Down Sirens 27 Quake 0 3rd Qtr 12:40 remaining.about 23 hours ago from web

HalfTime Score Sac Sirens 20 CA Quake 0about 23 hours ago from web

Sirens Pass #82 S Trobee TOUCHDOWN Sirens 20 Quake 0 4:01 left until Half Timeabout 24 hours ago from web

Sirens TouchDown #6 J Quan. Sirens 13 Quake 0 with bad snap for extra point. 2:38 left of 1st Qtr.6:30 PM Apr 18th from web

Touch Down Sirens #6 J Quan. Sirens 7 Quake 0 4:58 left of 1st Qtr6:09 PM Apr 18th from web

Captains taking the field for Kick off. Sirens vs Quake

Photographer:  Carol McCombs

Captains take the field for coin toss

Captains take the field for coin toss / THEME:  Kid’s Day

Ashlee Sharp #22

Ashlee Sharp #22

Powers handoff to Quan

Powers #2 handoff to Quan #6

French-Love Stops Sharp

Jhamara French Love #33 (Coaches Choice Defense MVP) Stops Ashlee Sharp #22

Sirens-Quake Cheerleaders

Sirens & Quake Cheerleaders (Quake Cheer made the long trip – Thank YOU!!)

Final Score:  Sacramento Sirens 46 / California Quake 0

CLICK HERE for Sportspage Magazine Pictures by George Young

The Re-Match (Sirens vs Quake) will take place on Mother’s Day weekend in Long Beach, CA (Saturday, May 9) and WFB Talk Continues will do the LIVE Audio Broadcast announced by Deb Genz.

Keep an eye on the Games Tab above for ALL upcoming audio broadcasts.

A Special Thank you to the Sirens Organization for allowing me to set my equipment up so I could attend the Sirens first Home Game of the Season.

Modesto ManiaX Tryout Video

13 Nov

The Modesto ManiaX held their tryouts and put together a video.  

Check out the Modesto Mania at www.modestomaniax.com to see their latest tryout pictures held on November 9, 2008 and their recent news broadcast on CW31

For those of you who aren’t familar with Alan, he likes to take a beating and the ManiaX gave it to him.




Screen shots taken from the Sacramento CW31 web site

Tryout Video Downloaded from the Modesto ManiaX web site

Modesto ManiaX Join the IWFL

16 Sep

The Modesto ManiaX joined the Independent Women’s Football League just in time for the 2009 season to play against teams like the Sacramento Sirens, California Quake and the Oakland Banshees.  WFB Talk had the pleasure to talk with new Owner/Delegate Dineen Goodwin as well as Head Coach Butch McNeil on Sunday’s show . 

The ManiaX is made up of first year veterans from a previous team and looks to add additional players at their first tryouts to be held on Saturday, October 11th.

From the IWFL website:

IWFL Welcomes Modesto Maniax
September 10, 2008

Austin TX –The Independent Women’s Football League is proud to announce that the Modesto Maniax have been awarded a full membership license and will join the league’s growing roster of teams for the 2009 season.
The Modesto Maniax comes to the IWFL as a new team. The Maniax will be placed in the IWFL Western Conference where they will face solid competition from some of the most exciting teams in the sport like the Sacramento Sirens, California Quake and Oakland Banshees.
“This is a really exciting new team. They have created a solid foundation on which to build women’s football in the San Joaquin Valley. With the support they have from their community, this new team is going to do big things!” said Laurie Frederick, IWFL Chief Executive Officer.
“I am so thrilled to be involved with the IWFL. Our team is new and can’t wait for the practices and season to start. Everyone here is ready to play!” stated Modesto Maniax Delegate Dineen Goodwin.
The Modesto Maniax is Modesto, California’s women’s tackle football team. The new team business hopes to elevate women’s football in the Modesto area by providing the best opportunity for players and fans to enjoy the sport at its top level.
For more information about the Modesto Maniax, contact the team at: www.modestomaniax.com or       209 204-4467      
Screen shot taken from the Modesto ManiaX website