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Giving Players their Due Recognition

23 May

If you missed Friday Night Football Preview last night or never even heard of the show until now, check out the audio HERE Deb Genz is the host of our new show on Friday Night’s going over the stats and giving the players their DUE recognition.  That’s why its so important that teams keep up on their weekly stats.  You will also hear Deb’s take on teams in Women’s Football and team match ups from week-to-week.

Give it a listen.  Questions, Comments email Deb with your request at deb@fridaynightfootballpreview.com.


Check out the PROGRAM tab above to view ALL our scheduled programming.  Also be sure to FOLLOW us at http://www.twitter.com/wfbtalk.

Friday Night Football Preview

16 Apr

A new show will be debuting this Friday, April 17th on WFB Talk Continues which will be Hosted by Deb Genz.

Deb Genz is a previous player as well as voice and announcer for the Los Angeles Amazons.  This past weekend she did the season opener play-by-play live audio broadcast for the California Quake vs Los Angeles Amazons on WFB Talk Continues.  She also did the Los Angeles Amazons vs So Cal Scorpions AFC Playoff Game for Women’s Gridiron Magazine in 2007.

Click HERE for original blog write-up.


Tune in this Friday, 7pm(pst) and get Deb Genz take on teams in Women’s Football and team match ups from week-to-week.

Also look forward to hearing stats and statistics as well as Guests on the show.

You can tune in EVERY Friday (time TBD) at www.wfbtalkcontinues.com.

Friday Night Football Preview April 17th

9 Apr

UPDATE (4/15/09):

DEB GENZ will be the HOST of Friday Night Football Preview (Check Programs section for ALL programming)


A new show will Premiere on WFB Talk Continues starting Friday, April 17th.  Friday Night Football Preview with James Evans stemmed based on a conversation James Evans and myself had in regard to players in women’s tackle football.

We both were discussing various players and their records and team rivalries to the reasons why.  Many people don’t know the players of women’s football as we do for our male counterparts.   We want to get that same familiarity out there for the women.

James will do a weekly preview show of team match ups from week-to-week in both the IWFL and the WFA.  Stats and statistics will also be covered as well as guests on the show.

Due to the short time constraint, we are unable to provide a show for week one and season opener for the IWFL.


James Evans

The Los Angeles based sports announcer and actor, Evans began his  announcing career working with the California Quake of the IWFL, and has worked for the Long Beach Lions, Orange County Jaguars and Southern  California Steelers of the LCFL.  When not announcing football, Evans is busy as an actor in Hollywood, with his credits including General Hospital, Arrested Development, Punk’d, Jimmy Kimmel Live, numerous Spanish television shows, etc. Evans is currently working on an ESPN2 television pilot.

James can also be remembered as a player in the 2005 Genderbowl, where the men played against the women of the NWFA (See Women’s Roster of Players).

To learn more about James Evans, go to www.jamesevans.tv.