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Not Football but…..

12 Nov


Last night Nancy & I were on SHACK Paranormal on BlogTalkRadio.  A new weekly show hosted by Mike Coletta (UfoGeek).

For those of you have listened to our show since the beginning and have heard the introduction to it, you know that I have commented that was done by my brother Mike.

Nancy & I are part of CAL S.H.A.C.K., a paranormal investigation group focusing on the areas of California and Nevada.  S.H.A.C.K. stands for Spirit Hunting and Capture Kindred.  The main paranormal site for all the investigation photos, videos and evp’s can be found at www.residualhauntings.com.

We took a switch from football last night and talked about some ghostly adventures.  Tune in HERE to listen to last nights show.

Here are some photos of Nancy capturing EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) at Buena Vista Cemetery, Murphys, CA.

"Tony" - Samuel A Manuel

Joseph Schachten

EVP’s were captured Here.  Listen to the broadcast and tell us what you think is said.