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New President of NWFA on Chalk Talk Thursday Night

3 Dec


LynMarie Liberty-Ellington, President of the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) will be Guest on Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer on Thursday, December 4 at 6:30pm(pst)/9:30pm(est) at WFB Talk Continues.  

Tune in to hear what’s upcoming with the NWFA and what can be expected for the 2009 season.


Photo courtesy of Lone Star Mustangs NWFA team web site

Tune in THIS Thursday, December 4th at 6:30pm(pst)/9:30pm(est) at WFB Talk Continues.  Join us in Chat. 

Questions or Comments before the show email bj@wfbtalk.com and I will relay the message to Coach T or you can email him directly at ktrammersports@yahoo.com.


Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer

20 Nov


Tune in tonight at 6:00pm (pst)/9:00pm (est) at WFB Talk Continues for Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer.

More NWFA Talk Tonight w/Coach Trammer on Chalk Talk

30 Oct

Hear more on the NWFA and what was discussed in the owners meeting. 

Tune in tonight at 6pm (PST) at WFB Talk Continues.

WFB Talk Continues Weekly LineUp

3 Oct

Coach Kirk Trammer is now part of the WFB Talk LineUP on WFB Talk Continues.

Wednesday night we have 3rd & Long w/Coach Penn and Thursday night Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer.

Sunday’s you have the original WFB Talk (Women’s Football Talk) with your hosts Beebe, Bj, Meg and Robin.

If you missed any of the shows go to www.wfbtalk.com and www.wfbtalkcontinues.com and hear the podcast rebroadcasts.

CHALK TALK w/Coach Kirk Trammer TONIGHT

2 Oct

Be sure to tune in tonight for Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer which will debut tonight on WFB Talk Continues and will be part of the regular Thursday LineUP.

Go to http://www.wfbtalkcontinues.com 6:00pm (pst) / 9:00pm (est).

Be sure to join us in CHAT.  Look for the Chat Available button located on the site.

Hope to see you there.

New Thursday Show LineUp on WFB Talk Continues

1 Oct

Starting this Thursday there will be a new show LineUp starting at 6:00 pm (pst) / 9:00 pm (est) called Chalk Talk with Coach Kirk Trammer. 

If you recall, Coach Trammer was the voice behind the 2008 NWFA Championship game in Tennessee against the H’Town Texas Cyclones and the West Michigan Mayhem.  He is also Head Coach and Owner of the East Texas Saberkats.   

Hope that you will tune in tomorrow night for the show debut,  Chalk Talk w/Coach Kirk Trammer on WFB Talk Continues.