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LIVE Playoff Audio Game Broadcasts – June 25th

25 Jun

DC Divas vs Boston Militia

PreGame 6:05pm-est / Kick-off 7pm-est

Click HERE to Listen


Chicago Force vs Pittsburgh Passion


Click HERE to Listen Streaming starts 7pm-cst / Kick-off 7:30pm-cst


California Quake vs Sacramento Sirens

Kick-off 6pm-pst

Click HERE to Listen


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3rd Annual Round Robin Scrimmage Audio Broadcast

9 Mar

The EVENT features all day scrimmages and a pre-season sneak preview of the California Quake, San Diego Surge and SoCal Breakers women’s tackle football teams.

FREE ADMISSION to attend!!

Downey HS, Allen Layne Stadium
11040 Brookshire Ave
Downey, CA 90241
Click here for map>>>

10am to 5pm

Click HERE to Listen LIVE Saturday, March 12th from 11:30 to 2:30pm(pst)

Hosted by:

Quake vs Sirens Week 5 Re-Broadcast

11 May

If you missed the LIVE exciting action of the California Quake vs the Sacramento Sirens on Saturday, you can CLICK HERE to download the entire broadcast.

Alex Querna was the voice of the California Quake.

Alex & Boo

Second half, Alex and Boo were a dynamic duo combining play-by-play with color.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Complete  Game announced by Alex Querna and second half with Boo in LA.

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California Quake vs Sacramento Sirens

10 May

Here is the COMPLETE Audio Broadcast of the Saturday, May 9 broadcast of the California Quake vs Sacramento Sirens in its entirety that was broadcast LIVE from WFB Talk Continues.

California Quake Banner-1

I put together the two clips.  Halftime does have some music where we ended the first segment, which I kept in the audio.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Complete  Game announced by Alex Querna and second half with Boo in LA.

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Catherine Vivo joins Deb Genz on Friday Night Football Preview Tonight!

8 May

UPDATE: (May 9, 2009) CLICK HERE for 28 minute interview

Catherine Vivo, California Quake, QB/Owner joins Deb Genz tonight on Friday Night Football Preview before the Re-match game between the California Quake and the Sacramento Sirens Saturday, May 9 to be broadcast LIVE on WFB Talk Continues, kick off 6pm (pst).


Catherine Vivo / QB California Quake

The Quake hold a record of 1-3, getting beat in their season home opener to the Los Angeles Amazons and then falling the following week to the Sacramento Sirens.

Week 4 re-match game against the Amazons brought the Quake closer to a victory,  but still falling short with a 36-21 loss.   Deb was at that game doing the announcing for the Amazons that evening and had commented,  “If the Quake had not encountered some of the injuries to key players (referring to home opener April 11th game), they would have been up there with the Amazons.  An amazing accomplishment to swing back strong from injuries, the team made the game very exciting!”

Tune in tonight at 7pm (pst) at www.wfbtalkcontinues.com.  Chat Room will be open 15 minutes before air-time.

If you would like to comment in the chat room, be sure to register with blogtalkradio.


A Full Football Day

19 Apr

Yesterday Nancy and I had a rare treat.  We got to participate in two women’s tackle football games at the same time.  We were broadcasting LIVE on WFB Talk Continues, Las Vegas Showgirlz vs California Lynx as well as attend the Sacramento Sirens vs California Quake Game.

Nancy at Sirens Game - Chain Gang

Nancy, part of Chain Gang (Gilligan hat)

Nancy was unable to take pictures and I had my hands tied running the switchboard for Lawrence Turner, who was broadcasting for the Showgirlz.  The game actually extended beyond the Sirens vs Quake game and I had to go to my car for the additional 25 minutes to finish the broadcast so they could shut down the pressbox.  To listen to the LIVE Audio Broadcast of the Las Vegas Showgirlz vs the California Lynx, Click HERE.  Be sure to go to 2nd Half to hear remainder of the game.

During both games, I got to twitter the Sirens/Quake Game as well as the Showgirlz/Lynx Game.

Next week Nancy, Beebe and I will be at the Modesto Maniax vs Tucson Monsoon.  We are still working out the details about the broadcast, but you can find score results at www.twitter.com/wfbtalk if we don’t.

Since we got the pictures of the Sirens/Quake Game that we promised on today’s show (WFB Talk), here is the twitter blasts that we published during the game (reads from end of game to the beginning).

Twitter Blasts (www.twitter.com/wfbtalk)

FINAL Sac Sirens 46 CA Quake 0about 22 hours ago from web

TD Sirens w/2:37 left of game Sac Sirens 46 CA Quake 0about 22 hours ago from web

TouchDown Sirens #23 Noriko Kokura Sac Sirens 39 Quake 0 4:56 left of Gameabout 22 hours ago from web

4th Qtr Sac Sirens 33 CA Quake 0 w/12 min left in gameabout 22 hours ago from web

Ashlee Sharp #22 Touch Down Sirens 33 (extra point no good) Quake 0 3rd Qtr with 1:12 leftabout 23 hours ago from web

Ashlee Sharp #22 Touch Down Sirens 27 Quake 0 3rd Qtr 12:40 remaining.about 23 hours ago from web

HalfTime Score Sac Sirens 20 CA Quake 0about 23 hours ago from web

Sirens Pass #82 S Trobee TOUCHDOWN Sirens 20 Quake 0 4:01 left until Half Timeabout 24 hours ago from web

Sirens TouchDown #6 J Quan. Sirens 13 Quake 0 with bad snap for extra point. 2:38 left of 1st Qtr.6:30 PM Apr 18th from web

Touch Down Sirens #6 J Quan. Sirens 7 Quake 0 4:58 left of 1st Qtr6:09 PM Apr 18th from web

Captains taking the field for Kick off. Sirens vs Quake

Photographer:  Carol McCombs

Captains take the field for coin toss

Captains take the field for coin toss / THEME:  Kid’s Day

Ashlee Sharp #22

Ashlee Sharp #22

Powers handoff to Quan

Powers #2 handoff to Quan #6

French-Love Stops Sharp

Jhamara French Love #33 (Coaches Choice Defense MVP) Stops Ashlee Sharp #22

Sirens-Quake Cheerleaders

Sirens & Quake Cheerleaders (Quake Cheer made the long trip – Thank YOU!!)

Final Score:  Sacramento Sirens 46 / California Quake 0

CLICK HERE for Sportspage Magazine Pictures by George Young

The Re-Match (Sirens vs Quake) will take place on Mother’s Day weekend in Long Beach, CA (Saturday, May 9) and WFB Talk Continues will do the LIVE Audio Broadcast announced by Deb Genz.

Keep an eye on the Games Tab above for ALL upcoming audio broadcasts.

A Special Thank you to the Sirens Organization for allowing me to set my equipment up so I could attend the Sirens first Home Game of the Season.

Last Weeks Opener in the West

15 Apr

Nancy and I flew into Long Beach for the California Quake vs Los Angeles Amazons season opener.

We had the pleasure of working with Deb Genz (Amazons Announcer & Friday Night Football Preview debuting April 17th) as well as Boo in LA (California Quake Photog).  Deb Genz provided the play-by-play, while Boo joined Deb during the pre-game as well as for the second half.

If you missed the game, you can listen to the podcast HERE.


Bj, Deb & Boo


Getting ready to throw football duckies


3 hours before Game Time !!

Bill & Bj

Bill – Quake Camera Man & Spotting Boo on the field

Bill, Bj, Boo

Bill, Bj and Boo watching team warm ups


California Quake


Los Angeles Amazons

Team Captains

Team Captains

Coin Toss

Coin Toss


Coaches Choice Offense/Defense Player of the Game:

Women Play Football and Women’s Football Talk have teamed up.

At the end of the game the Head Coach Home/Away team will choose one offensive player of the game and one defensive player of the game to be awarded a Real Women Tackle t-shirt.

California Quake Coaches Choice:

Offense #24 Tami Singletary

Defense #33 Jhamara French-Love

Los Angeles Amazons Coaches Choice:


Winners will receive a Real Women Tackle t-shirt (Read More)

NOTE: Offense/Defense weekly drawing has been extended this week only since there was no April 13th show.  Entries MUST be received no later than Friday April 17th by 6pm(pst).

See Below:

Not to discount any teams that the crew don’t attend or broadcast, we are offering a weekly drawing Every Sunday during the regular season on Women’s Football Talk radio show for Offense/Defense players for their chance to win (2 t-shirts awarded per week).

Nancy and I would like to Thank the California Quake organization for such welcoming hospitality.

5 Games for the Price of 4 … What a Concept!!

17 Mar

Check out what the California Quake are doing to bring more value to your dollar this 2009 season:


The California Quake and the Los Angeles Amazons are working together to give you more value for your money.

The Season Pass is good for All four Home games plus an Away Game on May 2 at the Los Angeles Amazons Home Field.

This is a smart move on the Quake and Amazons part working together to put more women’s football fans in the stands.

3rd & Long Live 7v7 Scrimmage Broadcast

18 Feb


Show details for 2/18/09

          First portion will be previously recorded 7:00 – 7:30 PM

Differing practice schedules

How many days a week?

How many hours?

What specific goal are you trying to reach?

Team updates for Tier 1 of the IWFL

Who has completed tryouts?

Finalized rosters and staffs?

Updated sites accordingly?

Li     LIVE broadcast of Quake scrimmaging Breakers in 7v7

From 7:30 – 8:00 PM PST

Coach Penn

Tune in Wednesday, February 18 at WFB Talk Continues 7pm(pst)/10pm(est)

First Audio Broadcast Games Announced

12 Jan

WFB Talk announced on Sunday’s show that Nancy and myself will be attending the California Quake vs Los Angeles Amazons game in Long Beach, CA Easter weekend for the first IWFL game of the 2009  season (Saturday, April 11th).

If you listened to our show then you know that teams agreed to this season opener date and all teams are traveling at a very close vicinity.  I kidded that Nancy and I would probably be traveling the farthest on that weekend (Sacramento to Long Beach approximately six hours).

It has been confirmed that Coach Josh Penn, Head Coach of the Quake lined up a play by play announcer for the game day broadcast.  I asked Coach Penn if I could hook up my computer in the booth to run the switchboard via my broadband wireless network card.

During the BlogTalkRadio show, SportsGeeks, I confirmed via their live chat board with Coach Dion Lee, that we will also do the Las Vegas Showgirlz vs California Lynx first game of the  WFA InAugural 2009 season (Saturday, April 18th).

I kidded with Coach Lee because, if you recall, he announced for us during the playoffs last year at the Los Angeles Amazons vs the H’Town Texas Cyclones as well as the first River City Bowl when his team was a member of the IWFL.

Original Audio Broadcast (March 15, 2008)

Five women football teams will travel in from all sides of the Colorado River from the Independent Women’s Football League to battle in the inaugural pre-season “River City Bowl”. Hear inside the huddle, strategy plays during live action play. This pre-season event to be hosted by Coach Lee and the Las Vegas Showgirlz.

Update (video added of River City Bowl):

Coach Penn actually did announce the first half of his playoff game last year while coaching against the Dallas Diamonds.  Coach Lee assured me that he has a broadcaster, though I know he could just as easily do it himself as well.

Coach Lee also announced that he will be putting together another River City Bowl, within his new league division, to be held in Las Vegas, tentative date March 28th.  We will be there for that as well.  When more information is developed we will be sure to let you know.

As a reminder, we now have three BlogTalkRadio web sites.  WFB Talk, WFB Talk Continues and Independent Sports Network.  Be sure to keep up with the blog for the latest guests and games scheduled for the 2009 season.

WFB Talk is currently looking for WFB Correspondents to cover games.  Click HERE to learn more.  Also check out how you can become a TEXT Correspondent to submit scores to other subscribers. Click HERE.

Coach Penn’s Return

8 Jan


~ The show will return on February 4th 2009 ~


The Quake have had practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in January for Hell Month. Now that that is over, back to the “keeping you informed” world.




·        Schedules have been released and within days of each other, hmmmmm.

·        Most intriguing games of the IWFL & WFA

·        Stop all the talk about leagues playing each other

o       It’s not going to happen this year

o       Let’s focus on your team, your season & your league.

·        Spread offense vs. Cloud of dust

o       Advantages

o       Disadvantages

o       More prevalent in women’s football.

o       How to decide what to run.

·        The NCAA bowl games

o       Recap of the best bowls

o       Who’s is the national champion in my poll?

o       Was Utah slighted?

·        Super Bowl recap

o       My guess is that it will be the…….

o       GIANTS (if BJ is healthy) VS. STEELERS


The show will be on bi-weekly from 2/4/08 on out until my season begins April 11th vs. LA Amazons and my good friend Coach Duncan.


Future shows will include sit-ins with the Quake coaching staff for film review and meetings.


Do you want to be on the show or have show ideas?

Email me, headcoach@californiaquakefootball.com



Coach Penn 



Listen to the Game Podcast: Quake @ Diamonds

29 Jun

If you missed the live game presentation of the California Quake @ Dallas Diamonds yesterday, you can hear it here.  There are two segments of the show.  Segment 1 is PreGame with Coach Penn interview as well as 1st and 2nd Quarter and Segment 2 is 3rd & 4th Quarter Final.

Segment 1 Inside the Huddle – Quakes Battle for the West    Click Here

Segment 2 Inside the Huddle Part II     Click Here

Or go to www.wfbtalk.com to click on any archieved shows since August 2007.

US Sports Radio, the California Quake and WFB Talk Team Up

25 Jun

In partnership with US Sports Radio and the California Quake; Nate Lewis of US Sports Radio and Coach Josh Penn of the California Quake (8-0) as well as WFB Talk will be partnering up this Saturday to bring behind the scenes, play by play and updates during first round Playoffs against the Dallas Diamonds (8-0).  We are still working out the details, but Coach Penn will be in the booth making calls on the field as well as some play by play.  There will also be interaction from Nate Lewis, US Sports Radio who will also be broadcasting through his network as well as WFB Talk through ours, BlogTalkRadio.

Stay tuned for more details…..


Quake vs Showgirlz…Hear the Recap on WFB Talk

26 May

Here we are….. at the California Quake game vs the Las Vegas Showgirlz. If you listened to the show on Sunday you would have heard the recap of the game given by Boo In LA in the beginning of the show and Coach Dion Lee of the Showgirlz towards the end of the show. Nancy, Beebe and I all agree that this was the best competitive game we have been to this year.

Nancy, Beebe, Bj & Boo

To hear the show and the RECAP of the Game, Click HERE

WFB Talk RoadTrip!

22 May

Submitted by Nancy

As always throughout the year we take road trips to follow women’s football.  It has been in the works for the last two weeks, but it has been officially confirmed by all three of us:  Barb, Beebe, and I that our next road trip will begin tomorrow evening.  I am getting my suitcase out and writing my items to bring and not forget!
We confirmed the hotel reservation at a Clarion in Los Angeles on Monday and last night confirmed the vehicle we will be taking.  We will also be seeing our friend Andrea who lives down in the area as well.   
Later today I will prepare my Map Quest directions for the trip from Sacramento to LA.  We are leaving close to evening time as we are working a full day and we should arrive at the hotel around midnight.   
If anyone of you plan on going to the Quake/Showgirlz game we will be there and it will be great to meet you!


Home Field: Downey High School Football Stadium
11040 Brookshire Ave, Downey, CA 90241
Click here for map>>>

Parking $2 and game day programs $3

Tickets are only $5 admission and children 5 years and younger are free. Tickets are now available online.




The InAugural River City Bowl

17 Mar

Coach Dion Lee of the Las Vegas Showgirlz sent us an All Team photo for the teams who participated in the River City Bowl held on Saturday, March 15 in Bullhead City, AZ.

The five teams who participated in Saturday’s Round Robin Scrimmage were the California Quake, Tucson Monsoon, Santa Rosa Scorchers, Redding Rage and the host of the event, the Las Vegas Showgirlz.

If you click on the picture, it will allow you to download the full 3000 pixel image for better view.


Here is the link that was the cover story of the Sports page of the Mohave Daily News of the River City Bowl.


For more information on any of the IWFL teams that participated in the event, go to www.iwflsports.com and click on teams.

If you want to hear the River City Bowl in the Huddle, from Saturday, March 15, 2008, go to www.wfbtalk.com or click on the Podcast Tab at this website.

“The River City Bowl” this Saturday on WFB Talk

11 Mar

Coach Dion Lee and the Las Vegas Showgirlz will be host to four other teams (California Quake, Redding Rage, Santa Rosa Scorchers and Tucson Monsoon) at the Inaugural River City Bowl to be held on Saturday, March 15 at 10:30 am in Laughlin, Nevada.

WFB Talk will be the sound board over the internet for you to hear live for those who cannot attend. Listen inside the huddle as the sceme of things and live action play are going on.

Tune in LIVE from 10:30 a.m. (pst) to 12:30 p.m. (pst) at http://www.wfbtalk.com and hear what’s going out at this Inaurgural Event.

For more information on The River City Bowl Click HERE for more details.

Quake Comedy Fund Raiser

25 Feb

On Sunday’s show, Robin talked about California Quakes very own Jennie McNulty. Robin played a 3 minute clip from the CD that she purchased at Jen’s show. Tomorrow, Jen will be appearing at The GasLamp Restuarant & Bar for a fund raiser to raise funds for the California Quake to attend the inaugural scrimmage event, The River City Bowl that will be held in Lauglin, Nevada on March 15, 2008. Other teams that will be participating will be the Las Vegas Showgirlz, Redding Rage, Santa Rosa Scorchers and the Tucson Monsoon. To learn more about these teams, go to www.iwflsports.com.

If you would like to help out the Quake and are in the Los Angeles area go to www.californiaquakefootball.com for more details.

Photo Screen Shot taken from the California Quake website:


While searching the internet, here’s a funny clip from One Night Stand Up where Jen explains why she not get mad on the football field.

Photo Screen Shot taken from One Night Stand Up website :

jennie-mcnulty.jpgClick HERE

One Night Stand Up: Jen McNulty

To learn more about Jennie McNulty go to www.jenniemcnulty.com