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Quake vs Sirens Week 5 Re-Broadcast

11 May

If you missed the LIVE exciting action of the California Quake vs the Sacramento Sirens on Saturday, you can CLICK HERE to download the entire broadcast.

Alex Querna was the voice of the California Quake.

Alex & Boo

Second half, Alex and Boo were a dynamic duo combining play-by-play with color.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Complete  Game announced by Alex Querna and second half with Boo in LA.

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California Quake vs Sacramento Sirens

10 May

Here is the COMPLETE Audio Broadcast of the Saturday, May 9 broadcast of the California Quake vs Sacramento Sirens in its entirety that was broadcast LIVE from WFB Talk Continues.

California Quake Banner-1

I put together the two clips.  Halftime does have some music where we ended the first segment, which I kept in the audio.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Complete  Game announced by Alex Querna and second half with Boo in LA.

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Last Weeks Opener in the West

15 Apr

Nancy and I flew into Long Beach for the California Quake vs Los Angeles Amazons season opener.

We had the pleasure of working with Deb Genz (Amazons Announcer & Friday Night Football Preview debuting April 17th) as well as Boo in LA (California Quake Photog).  Deb Genz provided the play-by-play, while Boo joined Deb during the pre-game as well as for the second half.

If you missed the game, you can listen to the podcast HERE.


Bj, Deb & Boo


Getting ready to throw football duckies


3 hours before Game Time !!

Bill & Bj

Bill – Quake Camera Man & Spotting Boo on the field

Bill, Bj, Boo

Bill, Bj and Boo watching team warm ups


California Quake


Los Angeles Amazons

Team Captains

Team Captains

Coin Toss

Coin Toss


Coaches Choice Offense/Defense Player of the Game:

Women Play Football and Women’s Football Talk have teamed up.

At the end of the game the Head Coach Home/Away team will choose one offensive player of the game and one defensive player of the game to be awarded a Real Women Tackle t-shirt.

California Quake Coaches Choice:

Offense #24 Tami Singletary

Defense #33 Jhamara French-Love

Los Angeles Amazons Coaches Choice:


Winners will receive a Real Women Tackle t-shirt (Read More)

NOTE: Offense/Defense weekly drawing has been extended this week only since there was no April 13th show.  Entries MUST be received no later than Friday April 17th by 6pm(pst).

See Below:

Not to discount any teams that the crew don’t attend or broadcast, we are offering a weekly drawing Every Sunday during the regular season on Women’s Football Talk radio show for Offense/Defense players for their chance to win (2 t-shirts awarded per week).

Nancy and I would like to Thank the California Quake organization for such welcoming hospitality.

Merry Christmas Boo, From WFB Talk

7 Dec

Today on WFB Talk we had guest Boo in LA. As you know, Boo has the Unofficial Guide to Women’s Tackle Football that used to be on the AOL Homepage web site. Since the shutting down of all AOL Homepage web sites, Boo had to find a new home. She chose the Google sites.

On the show, Robin stated the web site address at least three times http://sites.google.com/site/booinla, which is too much alphabet for me….lol.

Boo, the crew at WFB Talk would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for ALL your contributions to Women’s Football throughout the years and for being a very special guest on our show many times.

If you haven’t already book marked Boo’s web site yet, you can now easily reach her by typing in www.booinla.com.




Also look for her ICON on the sidebar of the blog.

Boo is Back :-)

24 Nov

The link is back for Boo in LA.  Boo says its not complete yet, but will be back on WFB Talk sometime in December to talk about all the changes and realignments going on with the leagues.  Stay tuned for more info upcoming.


Screen shot taken from Boo’s new web site

You may be asking, “Where is Boo?”

22 Nov


We had a few inquiries on our site search of our blog looking for Boo In LA We had her web site linked to our site.  She is in the reprocess of putting up a new web site, since the one she had with AOL is no longer.  AOL has closed its doors to their HomePage customers and those who have a web site with MSN Groups, you are next.

Boo emailed me her new look and web site, but will let me know when I can give out the link.

Boo will be back very soon…..

If you have any questions for Boo, email her at booinla@aol.com.

Quake vs Showgirlz…Hear the Recap on WFB Talk

26 May

Here we are….. at the California Quake game vs the Las Vegas Showgirlz. If you listened to the show on Sunday you would have heard the recap of the game given by Boo In LA in the beginning of the show and Coach Dion Lee of the Showgirlz towards the end of the show. Nancy, Beebe and I all agree that this was the best competitive game we have been to this year.

Nancy, Beebe, Bj & Boo

To hear the show and the RECAP of the Game, Click HERE

See the 2006 IWFL Championship Game

12 Nov

Yesterday on the show (WFB Talk) we had Guest Boo in LA, from Boo’s Unofficial Guide to Women’s Pro Football.  She had made a comment that if you watched the Detroit Demolition vs the Atlanta Xplosion Championship Game from 2006 in Long Beach, CA you have would been hooked on women’s football. 

 I had mentioned that you could purchase that DVD from the IWFL  store website.  I misquoted the low price of $15.95, but you can get it at an even lower rate of just $12.00.  Click on the IWFL link above or the photo taken from the IWFL AWS Sports Store website below.


Photo taken from the IWFL AWS Sports Store website 

To learn more about the other women’s pro football leagues, you can click on any of the three sites located on the sidebar of this blog for more information on the IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League), WPFL (Women’s Professional Football League) and the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association).