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Audio Game Broadcasts – Independent Sports Network

8 Mar

The Independent Sports Network is kicking off the 2012 audio game broadcast season with the Jackpot Bowl Saturday, March 10th, 6pm-pst to be held in Las Vegas, NV.








Las Vegas Showgirlz vs Phoenix Phantomzplay by play, Mike Slater

I created a facebook face to be used for the audio game broadcasts for our channel so you don’t have to rely on the blogtalk radio chat room to get the updates.  I will be tweeting the updates directly from the facebook page, which is linked to @wfbtalk.

Fans of the teams playing are encouraged to upload directly to the page from the games they are attending (comments, photos and videos) with the use of their smart phone for our audio listeners.


Independent Sports Network – previously WFB Talk Continues will be used for All Audio Game Broadcasts.


This site will be used for Audio Broadcasts to anyone that needs a sound board to broadcast their game LIVE over the internet.

Two other sites will be used in conjunction with the Independent Sports Network.

ISPN2 will be used as our Independent Sports Network 2 – The Instant Audio Broadcast Network for those that need immediate broadcasting set up.

ISportsNetwork 3 will be used for pre-games.

All three will be linked from for easy access under the BTR – On-Air tab, unless it is ISPN2 only, which has a seperate tab.

At this time @wfbtalk Twitter account will still be utilized to promote any audio game broadcasts, most of which are related to Women’s Tackle Football at this time.

The goal of this Network is to eventually reach other venues.

Call in your Game Highlights on Today’s WFB Talk

3 Apr

Don’t just be a score… in your game highlights LIVE on Today’s WFB Talk.

Dial 646-915-9555 LIVE (starting at 3pm-pst)

or call 641-715-3900 ext. 3051979 to pre-record your message (pre-record must be received at least one hour before show to be played on-air).

The Fight for Girls Sports under Title IX

22 Nov

On yesterday’s WFB Talk I mentioned three articles that were posted in the fight for girls sports under Title IX, which a law suit has been filed.

Girls and high school sports: complaints tag laggard schools (The Christian Science Monitor)

Title IX complaints filed for 12 school districts (Wall Street Journal)

Group Alleges Inequality in High School Sports (8 News Now)

This is just the beginning.

We had Nikki Johnson on the show on November 7, 2010 to discuss what women’s tackle football teams need to do.  She reached out to women’s tackle football teams letting them know that they can contact her and put them in touch with the proper channels of the NFL to get something started in your area.

Listen to the  Nikki Johnson 11/7/10 Interview

In Partnership with Women’s Football Talk and Blogtalk Radio

19 Aug

IWFFA & Women’s Football Talk

IWFFA Radio Every 3rd Thursday of each Month

Check out the website at

Instant Live Audio Broadcast Network

28 Apr

I’ve added an Instant Live Audio Broadcast Network to Women’s Football Talk.

As some of you may know, I have been doing some men’s semi-pro football games using the Independent Sports Network site.

I just added a new addition that I will be able to utilize at an instant.  ISPN2 will be utilized for that spur of the moment Live Audio Game Broadcasts or interviews.  And best of all, it only takes a phone call.  Announcements for the Live Broadcast notification to where you can tune in will be sent via @wfbtalk twitter to our followers.

Tune in this Sunday, 3pm(pst) WFB Talk to learn more about it.

You can view the original Independent Sports Network at either or

IWFL Season Opener

3 Apr

Today’s the IWFL Season Opener.  Be sure to Follow ALL Your IWFL Scores and Updates at

Be sure to have them sent to your mobile phone when you can’t be by a computer.

Title IX Books

25 Mar

This evening Nancy and I had dinner with one of our friends who is the editor for a book publishing company called Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company.

She gave us some copies of the Title IX Book series that are already published.  We also discussed ideas for future books.

You will be hearing me promoting these books on the air as well as talk about a project once the information is released.

Taken from the Title IX Books Page:

Every girl who plays soccer, volleyball, softball, football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball . . . Every girl who plays hard, has fun, and looks forward to pursuing sports in middle school, high school, college, and professionally owes this opportunity to Title IX.

We want to create a series of books that celebrates girls who love sports and could think of no better name for the series than the law that gave them the chance to play and excel. What exactly is Title IX? To quote the Title IX| I EXercise My Rights Web site: “Simply stated, Title IX is a law passed in 1972 that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding.”

Title IX books are about confident, self-assured girls whose heroes are successful women in sports, and who have aspirations of playing in college, professional leagues, and on national teams.

Twelve-year-old Skylar Rankin is obsessed with basketball and wants more than anything to grow up to be just like her hero Sue Bird. All she has to do is play better than anyone else, win top honors and awards, and get recruited by the best colleges. But she has to take that scary, exciting first step to see if she’’s really good enough to achieve her dream.

“It was going to be the best year of my life. This year we”d go to State and win it all. That’’s all I thought about. In March, I was going to be cutting down the net and holding a trophy in the air.”

Sixteen-year-old All-State, Janey Holmes is devastated, her dream shattered. Her old school suddenly closes over the summer and she finds herself at a new school, on a basketball team that hasn”t won a game in over three years.

As the Riverside Ravens climb from a hopeless start to challenge the best teams in the District, Janey learns what happens when her passion for the game and loyalty to her team is threatened by her explosive temper and the free-fall desires of first love.

Sixth grader Mackenzie Kelly’s first love was soccer until her best friend talked her into playing summer softball. Now Mack is eager to be on her school’s softball team and dreams of playing in the Olympics with her idol, Cat Osterman. But first she needs to bring up her failing English grade to stay on the team. When she learns softball has been cut from the Olympics, she’s determined somehow to get it back into the Olympic Games so she can fulfill her dream.

To learn more about these books Click Below:

Top of the Key (Dragonfeather Books)
Sweet Turnaround J (Fletching Books)
Bases Loaded (Dragonfeather Books)

Women’s Spring Football League (WSFL) Launches

15 Sep

Women's Spring Football League

September 15, 2009

Women’s Spring Football League
Contact – Randall Fields
(402) 889-3243


Omaha, NE – The Women’s Spring Football League (WSFL) announces it has launched operations and will play its first season in the spring of 2010.

The league’s concept is revolutionary in the women’s football
industry. The league will be run and controlled by the team owners, including new team screening, budget establishment, setting of team league fees and governance. Such power and influence have never been available to team owners, who in the past have been subject to “closed books” approach from leagues. The current generation of women’s football teams have been in operation since around 2000 and league owner Randall Fields thinks its time to put the team owners in control. “Owners should have a say in how their money is spent, the direction of the league and who their peers are.”

Fields has been associated with amateur football for 15 years. For the past year he had been working to establish a women’s division under an existing men’s league. To free his teams of the constraints of that
league, Fields decided to take his women’s teams to “a league of their own” and implement the concept of an owner controlled league.

League President, Nance Wernes, an owner herself since 2004, has been working with Fields to develop the concept. “I’m excited about the framework that we’ve put together, but we don’t want to go too far with it. At this point, we want to wait until the 2010 owners are engaged so they can participate.”

For additional information on the Women’s Spring Football League please visit the league’s website

Phone: 402-889-3243

WFCC 2nd Year … Website Announced

24 Aug

WFCC Logo.bmp

The Women’s Football Camp & Conference is scheduled for January 7 – 10, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.

Tonight on 4 Quarters with Coach Lee, Coach Lee gave a sneak peek link url to the website  that is still under construction (

If you follow us on twitter (Click HERE) you can access the link through its back door (HERE).

Information below taken from the WFCC website:

Brief Overview of the Camp & Conference:

As a Player:

Get first-hand training on each position that you play, on and off the field, from ex-collegians and professional players and coaches. Chalk talk, film review of each position, sports injuries, speed training and off-season training tips and programs. Each position will be represented!!!!

As a Coach:

Learn from the best the game has to offer from current and ex-college and professional coaches, coaching philosophy, putting together your staff, off-season plan, teaching special teams, teaching each position, the art of breaking down film, football equipment, to What Offense or Defense should you run?

As an Owner:

Learn what it take to put together a team from setting up the organization, to getting your staff and players, the art of marketing and public relations, how to get sponsors, game day operations, game day follow up, and sit down with other owners in a round table discussion.

To learn more or have questions about the Women’s Football Camp & Conference, email Coach Lee at

2008 WFCC

2008 Women’s Football Camp & Confence (Photo taken by Norine V. Photography)


Giving Players their Due Recognition

23 May

If you missed Friday Night Football Preview last night or never even heard of the show until now, check out the audio HERE Deb Genz is the host of our new show on Friday Night’s going over the stats and giving the players their DUE recognition.  That’s why its so important that teams keep up on their weekly stats.  You will also hear Deb’s take on teams in Women’s Football and team match ups from week-to-week.

Give it a listen.  Questions, Comments email Deb with your request at


Check out the PROGRAM tab above to view ALL our scheduled programming.  Also be sure to FOLLOW us at

Sports Page Magazine Coverage This Weekend

16 May

Be sure to look for game coverage in Minnesota, Baltimore, Sacramento, Miami, Los Angeles, Portland and the Atlanta areas.  Still waiting to hear about New York.

You can view all Sports Page Magazine articles and photographs at

Tomorrow on WFB Talk see how you can become a Photo Sponsor with SPM.

I have known Mike and about Sports Page Magazine since 2006 and his magazine has always been supporters of women’s sports.

Hear tomorrow how I first met Mike and through the years have been in correspondence with him.

Women’s Football Talk SUPPORTS ALL the efforts of SPM.

Thank you to Mike and his staff.

Sports Page Magazine

Excerpt taken from Sports Page Magazine About page:

Since its inception, our sports publication has grown rapidly. We now cover national and international sports events and news.

Currently, we have over 130 staff members’ cast throughout the United States, covering a wide range of sports stretching from Boston to Seattle and from Minneapolis down to Houston. We also have writers located in Great Britain and in South America.

Professionally, on a national level we provide various information from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the Women’s National Basketball Association, the Arena Football League and Auto Racing among many others sports.

To learn more about Sports Page Magazine, go visit

Today’s Audio Game Broadcasts

25 Apr

Don’t forget to check the Games Tab for audio game broadcasts past pod casts and present.

Here are Saturday, April 25th Game Audio Broadcasts:

Scheduled Audio Game Broadcasts (Direct Links provided):

April 25, 2009

DC Divas vs Detroit Demolition at US Sports Radio
Air time 6:35pm EST

NY Sharks vs Boston Militia at WFN Radio

Click Here to Listen 1st & 2nd Qtr Broadcast at 3:15pm EST

Click Here to Listen 3rd & 4th Qtr at 5pm EST

Modesto Maniax vs Tucson Monsoon at WFB Talk Continues

Click Here to Listen to 1st & 2nd Qtr Broadcast @ 7pm PST

Click Here to Listen to 2nd Half of Broadcast @ 9pm PST (Note: Give or take a minute due to change over from part I).

If you can’t be near a computer, you can call in and I will keep you mute.  Call in at 347-826-7278.

To be sure you don’t miss any of this game Follow us on

Ranking vs Rating…Yes there is a Difference

21 Apr

On WFB Talk, we got into the conversation of the use of the Massey Ratings in determining the standings of the Tier I/Tier II teams in the IWFL.  I had given what I had thought to be my interpretation on the overall ratings of the teams in the West and who were the top three teams based on those values (prior to all of week 2 input).

To view the use of the Massey Ratings in the determination of Tier I/Tier II Teams CLICK HERE (explanation follows the standings).

While having this discussion, there was much conversation going on in the chat room.  John, who does rankings, disagreed with the use of the Massey ratings with the Tier I/Tier II system.

Listen to Sunday’s 4/19 broadcast to find out why.

On December 14, 2008 we had John on our show and he explained the differences of Rankings vs Ratings (3 mins 26 seconds).

You can also visit John’s website at and see what his rankings are based on.

While you are there, be sure to sign up for his pick ’em contest.  It’s not too late to join.

John also has a forum to ask questions or email him at

Info taken from John’s website after 4/18 Games

John’s Top 10 IWFL Tier I/Tier II





















































FANS….You Made the Call

17 Apr

Did you know the IWFL kicked off on April 11th along with a new award that the fans can make the call?  Fans have all week long to pick their choice player as MVP of the Game.

See below the Winners and Details on how YOU can make that next call.

From the IWFL website:

You made the call!

Here are your IWFL Week 1 “Fan Choice” Game Day MVP’s
April 11, 2009
Robyn Taylor #72 SIRENS
Tracy Leet #3 ILLUSION
Laura Cantu #4 ENERGY
Toni Cann #45 INTENSITY
Holly Stevens #80 CRUSH
Knengi Martin #47 QUAKE
Jennifer Hogate #46 MAJESTICS
Christi Hudson #53 AFTERSHOCK
Shavone Redd #50 DEMOLITION
Kristine Vidojevski #88 DEMOLITION
Michelle Hicks #55 LOCOMOTION
Denisha Montgomery #24 LOCOMOTION

If you would like to see YOUR FAVORITE player on this list text IWFLMVP to 59925 and follow the directions to vote.

Visit the IWFL “Fan Choice” Game Day MVP page for details

IWFL “Fan Choice” Game Day MVP’s are determined ENTIRELY by fan vote. Each week the player that receives the most fan votes for each IWFL game will make the list, so don’t let your favorite player be left out!

As Easy as Cinch

8 Apr

What is cinch?  You’ve probably heard me mention “cinch” a few times on the show as well as through the blog and teased even through our  It’s a great tool put out by BlogTalkRadio.


Cinch is a voice to RSS service.

Basically, it puts an audio feed instantly to the web location as soon as you hang up the phone you set up the account with.  The phone you use acts as the recording device.


You call.  They record.  They generate an instant RSS feed with your call as an MP3.  The feed would then be accessible through the URL that you created for the account.

Note: You do not have to use your phone number in the URL as they suggest.  You can use a series of different letters, numbers or words.

You probably would not want to use your team name if you were using the recordings to edit for resubmission for different uses, such as adding sponsors for use on your website.

What can it be used for?

Cinch can be used however you want.  For the purpose of football, you can use for play by play that you want to have control over.

Let’s say you want to add music and your own sponsor commercials for team website use.  You could sell additional sponsor spots by promising them they would be included in audio games you upload to your team website.  You would easily be able to edit using a program like windows movie maker.

How about using it for play by play per quarter.  Let’s say you have a decent game day announcer at the home/away game and you decide to share the URL address with a choice few that couldn’t make it to the game.  They can instantly listen to the game as soon as you hang up.  When 2nd quarter finishes, they can click that clip to continue on.  3rd and then 4th.

And…. if you don’t plan on editing for later use and already have a good play by play announcer that can include all the sponsors and supply the music:

You can use it to share for total website purposes allowing them to subscribe through a reader.  This would allow everyone subscribed to have instant update on their reader as soon as the phone is hung up.  That is why in this case it best to set it up using the quarter system so they are only delayed by quarter.

You wouldn’t need to give them the URL you would have a subscribe button on your team website so they can have any updated information routed to their reader.

What’s nice about Cinch is there is no time limit.  You can talk as long as your phone is on.

You can also limit talking so less mistakes are made by setting increment times.

You can also use Cinch for those on and off the field interviews.

There are so many different uses for Cinch and the best part is that it is on YOUR time schedule.

You never have to worry about a block of time or limited time available to do a LIVE show.  Why Live?  When you can do it in a Cinch!

You have any questions, email

To learn more about Cinch go to

Tonights Topic for Discussion 501(c)3 vs 501(c)6

7 Apr

Tune in tonight for GameTime!! w/Coach Bartley 7pm(pst)/10pm(est) at WFB Talk Continues.


Join in on the conversation 347-826-7278.

Comparison taken from the Aorn website:

501(c) 3                                vs.                            501 (c) 6


Exempt from federal income tax as an organization that is structured and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, for the prevention of cruelty to animals or children, or for the purpose of testing consumer products for public safety, or to foster national or international sports competition.

Exempt from federal income tax as a nonprofit business league*, chamber of commerce, real estate board, board of trade, or professional football league.

For the benefit of the public.

For the benefit of the organizations’ members.

The articles of the organization must limit the organization’s purpose to its specified cause, and my not expressly engage in activities that are not in furtherance of its specified purpose.

It must be an association of persons having some common business interest and its purpose must be to promote this common business interest.  It must be a membership organization and having a meaningful extent of membership support.

The organization will have no specific ownership.  All profits are reinvested in the organization. 


The organization will have no specific ownership and are generally controlled by members, who do not receive stock.  All profits are reinvested in the organization. 


No part of the organization’s net earnings will inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual and it may not be organized for profit or to engage in for-profit activities.

No part of the organization’s net earnings will inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual and it may not be organized for profit or to engage in for-profit activities.

Assets of an organization must be permanently dedicated to its exempt purpose.


The organization must be primarily supported by membership dues and other income from activities substantially related to its exempt purpose.

Allows for tax deductible contributions and matching gifts.

Contributions are not tax deductible by individuals (although businesses can deduct contributions as a business expense.)

Eligible for foundation and other grants.

Not eligible for grants.

The organization is restricted in the amount of political and legislative (lobbying) activities it conducts.  It must not, as any substantial part of its activities, attempt to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise (except for certain lobbying activities.)

May engage in any amount of legislative activity germane to the common business interests of the organizations’ members.  Lobbying should not be the organization’s major focus.

*Business League: An association of persons having some common business interest, the purpose of which is to promote such common interest and not to engage in a regular business of a kind ordinarily carried out for profit.  Trade associations and professional associations are considered to be business leagues.


Female Tackle Football Pick’em Contest

6 Apr

Don’t forget to sign up for the Pick ’em Contest offered over at the Female Tackle Football website.

Be sure to email John at to sign up, so he can send you a user name and password to access the Log in.

Info taken from the site:

Female Tackle Football Pick’em Contest

The contest is simple! Pick the winners of each IWFL/WFA game for each week of play. The person with the most successful picks at the conclusion of the IWFL/WFA season is the winner.


Simply email and ask to be setup for the pick’em contest.


  1. Current players, coaches, and administrators in the IWFL/WFA are not permitted to participate. Picking games (even just for fun) is a conflict of interest for anyone currently coaching or playing ball in the IWFL and WFA.

  2. Scheduled games that don’t get played and are ruled as forfeits in the IWFL/WFA will be thrown out and not scored in the pick’em contest.

  3. Contestants have an 11AM Eastern Time deadline on Saturday morning for each weekend of play to make their picks. Contestants that fail to make their picks by this deadline will get the lowest score of those who did pick minus one.

  4. New contestants are welcomed to register and pick games after the season is well underway. New contestants will simply get the lowest score minus one of those who did pick for each week missed.

  5. Contest is limited to 30 registered participants.

  6. No plans for prizes. It’s just for fun.

IWFL/WFA PreSeason Rankings

20 Feb

John Spatz, Female Tackle Football (aka John’s Rankings) will be submitting a questionnaire to the Head Coaches of every team in both leagues so he can put together a Preseason Rankings list.

IWFL Top 10 Tier I
IWFL Top 10 Tier II
WFA Top 15

He said he is going to have something similar to the Street and Smith’s Rankings for college football.  A rankings list plus a sentence or two saying what to look out for this year.

He said he would like to include questions like # of returning starters on offense/defense, number of veterans on the left of the offensive line, etc. for teams that run with a right handed QB.  Something short and sweet.

He has the scores from last year as well as his own probability tables.

So Coaches, be on the look out for John’s Questionnaire.

To view John’s website, go to or click on the link on the sidebar.  Email John at

No Show this Sunday but …..

13 Feb

Watch the blog by Saturday and find out who will be on for a “Special Presentation” on Monday.


OR …. Sign up and follow us on  and you’ll hear about it TONIGHT!!

WFB Correspondents WANTED

9 Jan

Women’s Football Talk is looking for Game Correspondents to cover the WFA and the IWFL.

Fans interested in submitting copy on a weekly basis, send letter of interest to

UPDATE: We are looking for brief commentary that we couldn’t get anywhere else except where people attend the game.

BlogTalkRadio Sites:


Information Site: