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How Athletes are Evaluated in Combines

6 Dec

Jonathon Hollins of Sport Testing, Inc. will be joining me this Sunday to discuss how athletes are evaluated and tested.

We will also discuss the upcoming Lingerie Football League (LFL) Combine Tour to be held February 10 – 26, 2012 in following cities in Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec.

ELIMINATE the Guess Work!!

Tune in this Sunday, December 11th, 3pm-pst  on WFB Talk

Find out why Sport Testing, Inc is a World Leader in Athlete Evaluation.

Come Meet the Atlanta Phoenix

30 Nov

Come meet the Atlanta Phoenixa new team in the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA).  Hear what’s making them stand out now…..and the season hasn’t even started.

Joining us Sunday are April Christler, GM/Co-owner; Launa Sims, Finance Manager/Co-owner and Moncrief Hart, Head Coach, Co-owner.  Meet some of the players as well.

Click HERE to listen to the show.

Also, learn ways how teams can take advantage of some free audio software to promote their team on and off season.

Join us this Sunday, 3pm-pst  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @wfbtalk.

Unification of the Leagues – Staying Separate but still Working Together

28 Nov

Yesterday on Women’s Football Talk,  I had Randall Fields from the Women’s Spring Football League (WSFL) on-air.

He wanted to discuss a proposal in regard to unification of all three leagues (WFA, IWFL, WSFL).  This was just one example he gave, but said it was something the leagues would have to work out together.

Click HERE to listen to six minute audio

What do you think?


Note:  Randall will return on Sunday, December 11th for a follow up show.  I told him that I would submit this clip to the prospective leagues for comment.

Update (Nov 29):  Listen to Q3 of 4 Quarters with Coach Lee where Randall and Coach Lee discuss further his proposal – Click HERE.

WFA Tentative Divisions were Announced on 4 Quarters with Coach Lee

23 Nov

On Monday’s show (Nov 21), Coach Lee announced the teams tentative divisions for the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA).

Click HERE to Listen to Quarter 3 show segment.

Note:  The Women’s Football Alliance will fall under a two color coded system for the 2012 season.

Share Part of Your Sunday’s for Women’s Football Talk

23 Nov

Women’s Football Talk (WFB Talk) is back on-air for the 2012 season.

We picked up shows from WFB Talk Continues.  4 Quarters with Coach Lee, which can be heard every Monday, 7pm-pst and IWFFA Radio, 9pm-est every 3rd Thursday of each month.

WFB Talk Continues is now the Independent Sports Network, home of audio game broadcasts.  We changed over on July 30, 2011 for the IWFL Tier 2 Championship and All Star Game.

Follow us on Twitter @wfbtalk to get the latest show update information.

WFB Talk is now looking for on-air hosts to help with the 2012 season.  If you would like to be considered, send letter of interest to

New to the Women’s Football Talk Network, check our archive podcasts out since August 2007.

Women’s Football Talk – LIVE from Las Vegas

3 Oct

Women’s Football Talk is BACK to re-start up for the 2012 Season, Sunday, November 13th and then EVERY Sunday at 3pm-pst.

LIVE from Las Vegas, NV having attended the LFL, Las Vegas Sin vs LA Temptation game.

Interview with Coach Lee and players from the Showgirlz turned Sin.

WFB TALK – Supporting ALL Women’s Football.

What’s ahead for the IWFL, WFA, WSFL and a NEW League starting up in the California region.

**NOTE:  Be sure to tune in to 4 Quarters with Coach Lee &  IWFFA Radio, part of the NEW Line-up on the original WFB Talk.

Video Stream Replay of IWFL World Championship

3 Aug

Watch the IWFL World Championship this week at the IWFL website

Click HERE 

For more information on the Independent Women’s Football League, visit

WFA National Championship on Sportscast LIVE

27 Jul

Click HERE to watch online (Kick-off 7pm-cst, July 30th)

(Note:  To listen to the audio version of the game click HERE)

All American Game (Kick-off 11am-cst)

Click HERE

All American Roster Click HERE

Eastern Conference Championship Audio Broadcast!

16 Jul

The Atlanta Ravens will take on the Carolina Phoenix for the IWFL Eastern Conference Tier 1 Championship.  Kick-off 6pm-est.

Click HERE to Listen / CHAT Room will be open

Next Stop – Round Rock, TX!!

Play by Play – Rose Holmes and Cheryl Glover

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Forward Pass Magazine – Spring 2011

30 May

IWFFA‘s Forward Pass Official Magazine for the spring 2011 if finally HERE!!

Check out the 34 page online magazine TODAY.  

Click HERE

Saturday Game Broadcasts – May 28, 2011

27 May
Las Vegas Showgirlz vs Utah Blitz
Kick-off 3pm-pst / 4pm-mdt
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100th Show – 4 Quarters with Coach Lee

23 May

100th Show Tonight on 4 Quarters with Coach Lee . . . You won’t want to miss it!!

Tune in at 7pm-pst ….. join Coach Lee at the Women’s Tackle Football Group during the show for some Chat.

Click to Listen LIVE

After the show Click HERE to Listen to Show #1

Game Broadcasts – May 21, 2011

20 May

NY Sharks (3-1) vs Boston Militia (4-1) Kick off 3pm-est

Click HERE 


Philadelphia Liberty Bells (2-3) vs DC Divas (5-0)  Kick off 6pm-est

Click HERE  Philadelphia Liberty Belles Broadcast

Click HERE  DC Divas PreGame 5:05 / Game


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Kate Clinton on IWFFA Radio

19 May

Special Guest and Celebrity Kate Clinton:

Topics of discussion

* Women need to use sports to gain advancement in society and business and politics.

* Kate covers her her struggles, achievements

* Being lesbian and how female athletes can help to make change.

* Lingerie football league

** Interview with Mia Barnett – Chicago Diesel Daises

PLUS we will continue our discussion on a new documentary that has come out “NOT JUST A GAME” – Power, Politics and American Sports by Dave Zirin.

Join Regular Hosts:

Diane Beruldsen, Nance Wernes, Tamalam Walker & Hillary Sinclair

Click HERE – Thursday, May 19th 9pm-est – Chat Room will be open!!

Game Broadcasts – May 7, 2011

6 May

Kick-off 4pm-cst

Click Here to Watch


Kick-off 7pm-cst

Click Here

Kick-off 4pm-pst

Click HERE 


PreGame 6:05pm-est / Kick-off 7pm-est

Click HERE 


Kick-off 6pm-est

Click HERE


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More on the Mustangs vs Diamonds Game – The Lone Star Mustangs Women’s Football Show

3 May

Tune in Today at 11am-cst for The Lone Star Mustangs Women’s Football Show Hosted by Clifton Shackleford.

Click HERE to Listen

Week 5, Radio/TV Deals, Forfeits … Topics of Discussion!!

2 May

Tonight on 4 Quarters with Coach Lee:

Q1:  Week 5 in Review

Q2:  Radio/TV Deals

Q3:  Forfeits

Q4:  Ning Board Hot Topics

Tune in TONIGHT 7pm-pst WFB Talk Continues.

Join us in the Chat Room and at the Women’s Tackle Football Group Ning Board.

Top 10 Women’s Tackle Football Teams – Whose on Top?

2 May

WFA Top 10 Teams through April 30, 2011:

(click to enlarge)

IWFL Top 10 Teams through April 30, 2011:

(click to enlarge)

For more information on how these teams are ranked, visit

Games Broadcasted – April 30th

29 Apr

Kick-off 7pm-cst

Click HERE


Chicago Force vs St Louis Slam



Click HERE


Tampa Bay Pirates vs Miami Fury

Kick-off 7pm-est

Click HERE


New York Sharks vs New England Nightmare

PreGame 2:30pm-est / Kick-off 3pm-est

Click HERE


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Audio Game Broadcasts on WFB Talk Continues

28 Apr

Just a reminder that WFB Talk Continues is the extension show that will allow for additional regular season and playoff games for teams who have their own play-by-play announcer.

Interested in broadcasting your game?   Email to see what is available.

Check it out at