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A Scrimmage for the Record Books

24 Mar

When I received this information today, our friend Jamie Flynt stated, ” Should be one for the records with former Nashville Dream and former Renegade players on each side of the ball…”

She was referring to the very two teams that were the start of the NWFA.

The Renegades were one of the founding teams of the National Women’s Football Association (NWFA) back in the fall of 2000.

The Renegades and the Nashville Dream played a six game exhibition season to determine the viability of a women’s full -contact football league.

The exhibition games were a huge success and the league expanded to 12 teams in its first full season of play in the spring of 2001.

(Note:  The NWFA dissolved after the 2008 Season)

About this weekend (Saturday, March 28)

From the Clarksville Fox website:

The Independent Women’s Football League’s Division and Conference Champions, the Clarksville Fox, will take on the TN Valley Tigers in a pre-season game March 28th at Northwest High School located at 800 Lafayette Road in Clarksville, TN.

Gates will open at 6:00 PM with a kick off time of 7:00 PM. Come early and enjoy BBQ’s and tailgating in the parking lot, but remember no alcohol is allowed on school premises.

Concessions will be available at the game, inflatable bouncers for the kids to play on, a Fox merchandise booth, the team’s mascot “Trixy” enjoying the evening with the children young and old, and women playing full contact football.

Tickets are only $5.00 each with children 10 and under admitted FREE.

There will be a donation jug out for those wanting to donate funds for the team’s 3rd annual community Easter Egg Hunt April 11th at Northwest High School hosted by the Clarksville Fox and Xtreme Ministries.

Bring the whole family out for a fun evening of football and great family entertainment.
Be sure to check out the Tennesee Valley Tigers and the Clarksville Fox.

New Show Premieres April 6

21 Mar

Starting Monday, April 6 a new show will premiere on WFB Talk Continues at 7pm(pst).

4 Quarters with Coach Lee …. Show details coming soon.

Be sure to sign up with the Women’s Tackle Football Group to network with Players, Coaches and Owners involved in Women’s Tackle Football.


One GM having Fun with her …

19 Mar


Cell Phone Photo taken by GM Teresa Tierney/Minnesota Vixen

Twitter Caption Read: Always a proud moment-rookies putting Vixen decal on their helmets!

Twitter you say……..

Twitter is a short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices to keep people informed of what you are doing.

Sign Up with Twitter and follow all your favorite teams, even right to your cell phone.

Women’s Football Leagues/Teams currently using Twitter:

And don’t forget Women’s Football Talk too

(Note:  WFB Talk is also following individual players who have signed on as well)

Support Girl’s In Sports

13 Mar

If you have an organization that your team or club is involved in to support girls in sports, please submit your request to be added to the new page.

Please Support the Organizations that Support Girl’s in Sports:



Support Girl’s Flag Football in the High Schools One State at a time:

CCSD Girl’s Club Flag Football

Please email to submit Links to the new page.

Amazons, Fox & Slam Ranked #1

12 Mar

Check out John’s Rankings at Female Tackle Football and see whose been RANKED and how.

Top 10 Tier I / IWFL

Top 10 Tier II  / IWFL

Top 15 / WFA


Questions for John, email

When, If and Who will be back?

11 Mar

WFB Talk has been taking some time off from our regular Sunday show broadcast.  We have been on-the-air since August 21, 2007 promoting women’s football.  Our mission, to Educate, Promote and Advance Women’s Tackle Football.   

During the last few months we were working on promoting girl’s flag in the high schools, particularly in the Las Vegas area with a campaign that we undertook to contact all the teams in both women’s tackle football leagues.   Unfortunetly the response was not what we had anticipated, but there were positives from it. 

As for a return date?  No date has yet been set, but it is under discussion.


No GameTime!! Tonight but….

24 Feb

Take a listen to a couple of Meg’s Mini-Segments that she put together and sent to me over the weekend.

Leadership Roles (Coaches & Players):


Equipment (Help Your Rookies):


Questions or comments, email or leave a message on our 24 hour line 641-715-3900 ext. 3051979.

What are you Missing?

28 Jan

If you haven’t checked out our twitter yet, then you don’t have a heads up what two guests are going to be on our next show February 8th or what new show is starting next Thursday, February 5th on WFB Talk Continues.

Be sure to subscribe and get updates coming from my phone even before I post them on the blog.


Meg Part of Women’s Football RoundTable This Saturday

26 Jan

If you caught the tail end of the show yesterday, you would have heard me say that we weren’t going to have a show on SuperBowl Sunday (February 1), but Meg would be on another show as guest this Saturday.

You’ve heard me talk about Women’s Sports Talk Show when they first debuted with a short clip of  Jordyn White, DC Divas.  You also heard me talk about their Producer of the show, Tonja.  Tonja said they wanted to have a Women’s Football RoundTable and asked for a suggestion of players to be on that well represented the leagues.

Guests will be Megan Glass, WFB Talk co-host, as well as player for the WPFL, NWFA and IWFL ; Camille Head, team co-owner/delegate and player IWFL; Casandra Alston, retired player WPFL, IWFL and now providing active support for her team in the WFA.

Check out Women’s Sports Talk Show this Saturday, January 31 at 1pm(pst)/4pm(est) and keep me company in their chat room as I listen every Saturday in support of women’s sports and women’s football.


Screen Shot taken from the Women’s Sports Talk Show

Follow WFB Talk…Subscribe through Twitter

26 Jan

We are now on Twitter.  We are in our first full week of twitter…what have you been missing?  Find out whats going on with WFB Talk before it gets posted on the blog or at least a sneak peek of what we are working on.

Sign up Today.


Girl’s Flag Football Campaign “KICK OFF”

21 Jan

This Sunday will be “KICK OFF” for the Girl’s Flag Football Donation Campaign.

Ten young women were chosen to establish girls flag football in the high schools.

The crew at WFB Talk pledged to take part by contacting EVERY Women’s Tackle Football team to donate at least $25 to the cause.  Our outlook is very promising for teams showing support.

(Excerpt taken from Girl’s Flag Football Campaign Soon Underway:)

While speaking with Brenda Johnson, who is in charge of project operations in the Las Vegas area,  she informed us that there was no funding available this year.

What teams may not realize, the interest for women to play tackle football is declining year after year because there is no type of feeder program.

If flag football were in the high schools, more young women would be aware and the athleticism would be greater for fielding a team.  This would also bring awareness to the community that women play tackle football.

The money donated will help provide the necessary equipment  for the 2009 season (36 schools in the district), which will begin in March.

Love Media Group will be setting up an account to take donations.  Once this has been established, we will be contacting each team.

Tune in this Sunday 3pm(PST) / 6pm(EST) at WFB Talk to hear more details.

“We as women, we as football players need to take that first step into action to support women in sports.”

“This Show Should NOT be Ignored,” states Coach Bartley

20 Jan


Come join me in CHAT as Coach Bartley entertains you with his knowledge for the game of football TONIGHT @ 7pm on www.wfbtalkcontinues.comYou can also call in and become part of the panel of guests at (347) 826-7278. 

Coach Bartley states, that this show will be done a little differently. We will have an open forum to discuss the lack of productivity in womens football and the reasons behind them.  “This is a show that should not be ignored by all, as I speak my feelings that many share but are afraid to express them”.   


Join us tonight at 7pm(PST)/10pm(EST) for GameTime!! at

Coach Penn’s Return

8 Jan


~ The show will return on February 4th 2009 ~


The Quake have had practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in January for Hell Month. Now that that is over, back to the “keeping you informed” world.




·        Schedules have been released and within days of each other, hmmmmm.

·        Most intriguing games of the IWFL & WFA

·        Stop all the talk about leagues playing each other

o       It’s not going to happen this year

o       Let’s focus on your team, your season & your league.

·        Spread offense vs. Cloud of dust

o       Advantages

o       Disadvantages

o       More prevalent in women’s football.

o       How to decide what to run.

·        The NCAA bowl games

o       Recap of the best bowls

o       Who’s is the national champion in my poll?

o       Was Utah slighted?

·        Super Bowl recap

o       My guess is that it will be the…….

o       GIANTS (if BJ is healthy) VS. STEELERS


The show will be on bi-weekly from 2/4/08 on out until my season begins April 11th vs. LA Amazons and my good friend Coach Duncan.


Future shows will include sit-ins with the Quake coaching staff for film review and meetings.


Do you want to be on the show or have show ideas?

Email me,



Coach Penn 



Christmas Present Soon to Get

20 Dec

I just bought a present to myself.  I ordered Merle Exit’s Book, Whirl with Merle -It’s a Humorous Life.

I gave Merle a call today, but I believe she is on another press trip so I left her a voice message, to include that her last show left me hungry.  Be sure to check out her BlogTalkRadio show, Whirl with Merle, where she discusses everything under the sun to include dining, travel and products.

Not only is Merle a special friend to us, we spent last year with her on her birthday.  We also went on a press trip in Long Island where she was reviewing the resturant Prime, a five star restaurant, which we were given five star treatment.  Nancy and I will be returning to New York again on Merle’s birthday this year.

Of course we will also again go to a New York Sharks game, where she is the Publicist for the team.  Last year we attended the New York Sharks verse the DC Divas.  We also got the opportunity to attend the New England Intensity verse the Manchester Freedom while in the area.


Looking through the table of contents I noticed Merle had actually included me in one of her chapters (Chapter 17: From Merle’s Whirls to Whirl with Merle) entitled, The Coletta Encouragement.

When I saw that, I said that’s me.  I was honored to be part in her book.


Mark Ring, Ann Doland, Joy Barry on GAMETIME!!!

9 Dec


This weeks guest are: Mark Ring, Line Coach for the WPFL 2007 Champion So Cal Scorpions; Ann Doland, Editor of the First Ever Magazine dedicated to womens football titled “WOMENS GRIDIRON MAGAZINE”; and Joy Barry, kicker for the Inglewood Blackhawks, 2008 Western Conference Champions of the LCFL (Labelle Community Football League in the men’s semi pro) and So Cal Breakers.



Tune in TONIGHT, Tuesday, December 9th at 7pm(PST)/10pm(EST) for GAMETIME!!! w/Coach Bartley at WFB Talk Continues.

Be Sure to Join Us in CHAT (Look for the Chat Available button located above the Profile).

CLICK HERE to read the Interview of Joy Barry by Apryl Delancey, Women Like Sports.

Apryl Delancey will be Guest on WFB Talk this Sunday, December 14th starting at 3pm(PST)/6pm(EST).

Merry Christmas Boo, From WFB Talk

7 Dec

Today on WFB Talk we had guest Boo in LA. As you know, Boo has the Unofficial Guide to Women’s Tackle Football that used to be on the AOL Homepage web site. Since the shutting down of all AOL Homepage web sites, Boo had to find a new home. She chose the Google sites.

On the show, Robin stated the web site address at least three times, which is too much alphabet for me….lol.

Boo, the crew at WFB Talk would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for ALL your contributions to Women’s Football throughout the years and for being a very special guest on our show many times.

If you haven’t already book marked Boo’s web site yet, you can now easily reach her by typing in



Also look for her ICON on the sidebar of the blog.

Whirl With Merle – It’s A Humorous Life

6 Dec

Check out Merle Exit’s New Book Whirl With Merle – It’s A Humorous Life.

Merle Exit, Publicist for the New York Sharks wrote a book about her humorous life, which does include a chapter about her role in the New York Sharks organization.

While Nancy and I were visiting Merle last summer (June 2007), Merle shared with us chapters from her book. We will be visiting Merle again in June 2008 and I told her I wanted her to sign my copy.

Currently it is available on, but will also be available through Amazon in about two weeks.

Check out the link below and preview a few of the chapters yourself. FORWARD was written by Andra Douglas, Owner, New York Sharks.


Happy ThanksGiving From the Crew at WFB Talk & WFB Talk Continues

27 Nov


Boo is Back :-)

24 Nov

The link is back for Boo in LA.  Boo says its not complete yet, but will be back on WFB Talk sometime in December to talk about all the changes and realignments going on with the leagues.  Stay tuned for more info upcoming.


Screen shot taken from Boo’s new web site

Day Spent with the King’s

23 Nov

Nancy and I drove to Fresno this afternoon and met Jeff and Lisa King of the Women’s Football Alliance.  This was our first meeting, but we were no strangers to one another.   If you recall, Jeff was on our show on August 3, CLICK HERE to listen (Another League?).

Today we enjoyed lunch and talked a little business for the 2009 season.  After lunch we stood for a photo shoot outside the parking lot.


Jeff, Nancy and Lisa


Jeff, Bj and Lisa