Playmaker U Women’s Football Workshop

27 Mar

Kamau Peterson joins me Sunday, April 8th to discuss the women’s football workshop, a new program added to Playmaker U Inc.

From the Playmaker U website:

The emerging market of Womens football has prompted Playmaker U as the forerunner in Football development in Western Canada to create an initiative for these women to further their growth and knowledge of the game, as so many hundreds of their male counterparts do every year through PMU’s programs. 

Programs at Playmaker U include athlete training, football programs and team/group training.

The Institute:

Also our very own Fitness Major, Vince Singletary will be discussing  common injuries women face in football and how they can continue to strengthen during the season.

Tune in Sunday, April 8th, 3pm-pst on Women’s Football Talk.

Chat room will be open.

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