Audio Software to Promote your Team with

4 Dec

Learn ways how teams can take advantage of some free audio software to promote their team on and off season.

Click HERE to hear audio segment (14 minutes 42 seconds)

Links talked about in clip:

Audio Editors:

Audacity (Audio editor for recording, slicing and mixing audio) Windows/Mac use –

Windows Movie Maker – already downloaded in your windows programs

Audio Software sites:

Google Voice  (Let’s you choose your own area code/number combination)  (i.e. – 916-WFB-TLK7 which is 916-932-8557)

Simple Voice Box – Individual voice messenger or conference call recording use –

CinchCast (Part of BlogTalkRadio) –

FREE Audio Converter sites:

M4a to MP3 –

FLV to MP3 –


**If you have any questions or need help, email

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