Nikki Johnson This Week on WFB Talk

2 Nov

Joining us this week on WFB Talk, Nikki Johnson WFA All American.  Nikki was recently spotlighted on ESPN/ESPN2 on NFL Films.

Nikki Johnson first made herself known to the women’s tackle football world at the first Women’s Football Camp & Conference held in Las Vegas, NV November 2008.  Head Coach of the Las Vegas Showgirlz, Dion Lee introduced us to Nikki on a panel of guest speakers.

Hear the clip of Nikki Johnson from that camp HERE

Nikki was still in High School, speaking on behalf of girl’s flag football in the high schools to get as a sanctioned sport.  She was one of 10 young girls chosen to help promote Flag Football for the NFL.

This Sunday we will talk once again to Nikki about what she did after High School, what she did for the NFL and is still doing and what is ahead for Nikki now in her women’s tackle football career.

Also joining us on Sunday, Head Coach Greg Cover of the New Premier Women’s Tackle Football Team, the Utah Jynx.

The Utah Jynx are an Independent Team, not signing with any league for the 2011 Regular Season.

Hear from Coach Cover the advantages of his decision his inaugural year and what is in store for the Jynx as they are in charge of their own playing schedule.

Join us this Sunday, WFB Talk at 3pm(pst).  Chat Room will be OPEN!!

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