Women’s Football Talk Gets a New Theme Lift

20 Oct

With its first entry in May 2007, Women’s Football Talk has had the same PressRow WordPress Theme.  Today it’s time for a change.

I will keep the original women’s tackle football team header, though a little more trimmed to fit this new theme look, it holds a forever bond of how this blog got started in the first place.

Taken from Blog Interview with Apryl DeLancey (Women Like Sports) December 29, 2008:

What inspired you and your colleagues to start the Women’s Football Talk site and radio shows? How are you able to cover all of the leagues in women’s football so thoroughly?

Women’s Football Talk started with an idea that originated while I was maintaining a local website called SacTown News (during 2006 and 2007). The website’s focus was to report on unconventional sports that were conventional to me. I mostly wrote about the Sacramento Sirens (women’s professional football team part of the IWFL) and the National Golf League, a professional team golf league that was formed in 2005 that I had volunteered for since its beginning.

After the end of the 2006 Sacramento Sirens season, I thought why not talk about all the teams and all the leagues. I was interested in knowing what was going on with all the teams and the all the leagues and no one was reporting on any of them.

In the last week of November 2006 I purchased two domain names, http://www.womensfootballtalk.com and http://www.wfbtalk.com. One I would designate for the BlogTalkRadio website using the call letters (WFB Talk) and the other I would use for the online blog.

The original on-the-air debut was scheduled for December 19, 2006. During the six hours up to the show debut I was extremely nervous and wound up canceling the show and rescheduled it on December 26, 2006. I talked myself out of that show as well, it was the day after Christmas after all.

My brother suggested that I get the aid of some friends to help out with the show. I asked two of my teammates, Megan and Beebe, if they would be interested. We decided that our new air day would be August 21, 2007. We decided to hold our first meeting to discuss the show at our end of year banquet of the Sacramento Sirens while we ate our meal. Megan had worn the t-shirt that I gave her with the WFB Talk logo on it. There were only two t-shirts in existence with the logo and the name of our website, and I owned neither of them. I had given the other to our future Director of Marketing, Nancy. Robin, another teammate of ours saw Megan’s t-shirt and asked her about it. She was immediately drawn with our ideas, since she had a degree in communications and one day wanted to work with the NFL.

In the early beginnings we held meetings every week deciding what topics we would discuss. We made a list of things we thought our listeners would be interested in.  After Meg moved to Texas we stopped holding our meetings. Now week after week we may find a particular subject matter we are interested in and just make a phone call. Our show is done on week by week basis so there are times when the show listing is not up until that day. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves who is going to be on the show (smile).

Today, WFB Talk can still be heard on Sunday’s at 3pm(pst).  If you haven’t tuned in lately you can catch all the podcasts since August 21, 2007 on the site.

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