Pilot Show Debuts Wednesday

19 Oct

Sidelines with Nance Wernes, debuts Wednesday night at 6pm(pst) on WFB Talk Continues.

Nance Wernes is the owner of the Kansas City Storm and Co-Host with Diane Beruldsen, President of the International Flag Football Association on IWFFA Radio every third Thursday of each month on WFB Talk Continues.  Next air date for IWFFA Radio is October 21 at 6pm(pst).

The Pilot show, Sidelines with Nance Wernes, will be 30 minutes and the topic of discussion:

How the structure of the leagues that formed in the early 2000 crippled the growth of women’s football.

To view some of the leagues formed in the early years, you can refer to Boo’s Unofficial Guide to Women’s Tackle Football for some of the defunct leagues.

Information taken from Boo’s site: AFWL (2002), AWFL (2003), LTFL (2001-2004?), NWFA (2001-2008), UWFL (2002), WAFC (2002), WAFL (2001),WFA (2002-03), WPFL (2000-2008), WSFL (2002), WFL (unknown)

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