Sixxes Teams Wanted!!

19 Aug

As some of you know I own a sixxes team in Northern CA (Nor Cal Red Hawks).

For the 2010 season we played exhibition games and have two more games until I call it a season.

I am trying to develop a division so we have other teams to play in our league that are actual six-man teams for the 2011 season, rather than 8 or 11 who have helped us during our exhibition season (which I greatly appreciated).

The info below was taken from a new blog I set up just for our Divison Development.  Currently we are helping with a Reno team.

INFO Taken from Sixxes Football Blog:

The Nor Cal Red Hawks, located in the Sacramento, CA area is looking for women’s six-man tackle football teams for Division Development in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona  for the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL).

Click HERE to go to site.

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