Nikki Johnson from Flag to Tackle

24 May

We first met Nikki Johnson for the first time at the 2008 Women’s Football Camp & Conference held in Las Vegas, NV.  Nikki was still in High School, speaking on behalf of girl’s flag football in the high schools to get as a sanctioned sport.  She was one of 10 young girls chosen to help promote Flag Football for the NFL.

To learn more about the NFL Girl’s Flag Football Program, Nikki Johnson and nine other young women are involved in go to

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Nikki Johnson at the Women’s Football Camp

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Now two years later, Nikki Johnson still one of the 10 Ambassadors for the NFL to get Flag Football in the High Schools is in her second season playing Women’s Tackle Football.

This is what many of us have been promoting.  If you want to have good quality athletes, they need to have a place to start learning and playing the game of football at an earlier age level.

Check out Nikki Johnson #5 Now!!

Nikki Johnson led the team with 7 catches for 191 yards, 3 tds and 6 carries for 122 yards and 3 more tds.

To learn more about the Las Vegas Showgirlz and the next Women’s Football Camp & Conference

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