Friday Night Football Preview Guest Schedule

7 May

Friday Night Football Preview is BACK!!  Tune in tonight at 7pm(pst) giving players their Due Recognition.  

My new host Mark “The Shark” got real ambitious.  On Wednesday I receive a list of about 22 players who he requested on the show.  I’m looking at the list late Wednesday afternoon with about 20+ names wondering how he would be able to interview all these people.  From the ones that I was able to contact,  eight confirmed for Tonight’s show. 

Next Week I may be calling YOU!!

Here is Tonight’s Guest Line-Up  (All times in pst):


7:15pm   Karen Mulligan, New York Sharks

7:25pm   Jennie Quan, Sacramento Sirens 

7:35pm   Stephanie Walker, Baltimore Burn 

7:45pm   Tiara Pettis and Robin Morrow, St. Louis Slam 

8:00pm   Rachel Gore, Seattle Majestics 

8:10pm   Jessica Plunket, Memphis Soul 

8:20pm   Nikki Souter, Carolina Phoenix

Tune in Tonight 7pm(pst) for Friday Night Football Preview with your Host Mark “The Shark”. 

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