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25 Mar

This evening Nancy and I had dinner with one of our friends who is the editor for a book publishing company called Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company.

She gave us some copies of the Title IX Book series that are already published.  We also discussed ideas for future books.

You will be hearing me promoting these books on the air as well as talk about a project once the information is released.

Taken from the Title IX Books Page:

Every girl who plays soccer, volleyball, softball, football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball . . . Every girl who plays hard, has fun, and looks forward to pursuing sports in middle school, high school, college, and professionally owes this opportunity to Title IX.

We want to create a series of books that celebrates girls who love sports and could think of no better name for the series than the law that gave them the chance to play and excel. What exactly is Title IX? To quote the Title IX| I EXercise My Rights Web site: “Simply stated, Title IX is a law passed in 1972 that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding.”

Title IX books are about confident, self-assured girls whose heroes are successful women in sports, and who have aspirations of playing in college, professional leagues, and on national teams.

Twelve-year-old Skylar Rankin is obsessed with basketball and wants more than anything to grow up to be just like her hero Sue Bird. All she has to do is play better than anyone else, win top honors and awards, and get recruited by the best colleges. But she has to take that scary, exciting first step to see if she’’s really good enough to achieve her dream.

“It was going to be the best year of my life. This year we”d go to State and win it all. That’’s all I thought about. In March, I was going to be cutting down the net and holding a trophy in the air.”

Sixteen-year-old All-State, Janey Holmes is devastated, her dream shattered. Her old school suddenly closes over the summer and she finds herself at a new school, on a basketball team that hasn”t won a game in over three years.

As the Riverside Ravens climb from a hopeless start to challenge the best teams in the District, Janey learns what happens when her passion for the game and loyalty to her team is threatened by her explosive temper and the free-fall desires of first love.

Sixth grader Mackenzie Kelly’s first love was soccer until her best friend talked her into playing summer softball. Now Mack is eager to be on her school’s softball team and dreams of playing in the Olympics with her idol, Cat Osterman. But first she needs to bring up her failing English grade to stay on the team. When she learns softball has been cut from the Olympics, she’s determined somehow to get it back into the Olympic Games so she can fulfill her dream.

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