Jeff King Today on WFB Talk

23 Aug


Jeff King, President of the Women’s Football Alliance first came on our show August 3rd, before they were a league.  When the NWFA dropped its west division teams, the WFA acquired all but one of those teams.  When the NWFA folded, the WFA  acquired all but four of those teams.  Jeff was on our show again on December 21 sharing us his plans for the new season, with 34 teams, impressive for a first year league as well as being able to accomodate all those teams with a schedule in early January with such short notice.

Now that the season has completed its first InAugaral year, Jeff King  joins us once again to give account of the 2009 season.  We will discuss what happened before the start of the season when schedules were already out; the first games played; the playoffs to the final Championship Game; as well as what we can look forward to in 2010 for the WFA.

Please join us today at 3:00pm(pst) on WFB Talk.

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