IWFL Conference Championship Broadcasts

10 Jul

IWFL Conference Championship Games (July 11)

Eastern Conference Championship

DC Divas vs Boston Militia @ US Sports Radio (US Sports Network)

Click HERE to Listen Audio DC Divas vs Boston Militia  5:05pm(est) Kick Off 6pm(est)

Click HERE to See Video ($6PPV) DC Divas vs Boston Militia 5:35pm(est) Kick Off 6pm(est).


Western Conference Championship

Kansas City Tribe vs Chicago Force @ WFB Talk Continues

Click HERE to Listen Kansas City Tribe vs Chicago Force Kick Off 6pm(cst)

Can’t be near a computer?  Call 347-826-7278 to LISTEN


Regional Conference Championship

Carolina Phoenix vs Wisconsin Warriors  @ SportsGeeks

Click HERE to Listen Carolina Phoenix vs Wisconsin Warriors Kick Off 2pm(cst)

Can’t be near a computer?  Call (347) 215-7545 to LISTEN.


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