4th Quarter End Cinched

28 Jun

If you listened to the LIVE Broadcast of the Kansas City Tribe vs Los Angeles Amazons, we were unable to complete the broadcast past the 3 hour mark since we were scheduled to broadcast the Seattle Majestics vs Chicago Force game.

Just before halftime (3:23 seconds) the game was delayed due to lightening and the players and the fans had to take cover.  When the players did return, they played the remaining 3 minutes, took a 5 minute halftime break and resumed play (since they were already delayed for more than 30 minutes due to the lightening).

Deb Genz signed off 2 minutes before 7pm(pst) and signed back on with Cinch, a special tool for BlogTalkRadio users.  During the Seattle vs Chicago game I grabbed the audio and edited the game together.

Click HERE for complete game broadcast to include Cinch broadcast (Total Running 3hrs26mins).

Click HERE for Final 4th Qtr Cinch broadcast only (Total Running 31mins19secs).

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