Sixxes, is it real Football?

21 Jun

The IWFL is bringing back SIXXES, that was originally introduced to the IWFL as field for play in 2005 and 2006.  In 2008, the league attempted to re-introduce it back, with only a few takers.

This year with the harder economic times, the league is working to bring it back to help teams that still want to play football, but cannot afford the Tier I/Tier II budget, travel or roster size that those tier levels require.

Personally, I have always loved the idea of SIXXES.  I have put in an application to have a team in the Greater Sacramento area, in support of the teams already in this area.

Today on the show, we will discuss SIXXES and speak with Deb Midgley, owner of the Holyoke Hurricanes, who had to finish out her season playing a Six-Man style tackle football due to the injuries of her team as well as take two forfeits to end her season early.

Check out these videos of what Six-Man Tackle Football is all about.  Could this be for you?

General – is it real football?

Watch this:

General info/history:

6man scrimmage footage:

Play info:

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