Nancy at Work, but not taking our Pictures…

6 May

Every home game, Nancy makes sure she does her part to support women’s football.  She has since 2006.  Not only is she WFB Talk’s Director of Marketing, she is part of the chain gang at every Sirens Home game (or at least when we are in town and not traveling to other games).

If you heard me tease her on the show about her camera in Long Beach, you know I don’t really expect a lot of photos from her.  Her camera isn’t capable of action shots, but the photos of the trip to Joshua Tree National Park that we went to after the California Quake/Los Angeles Amazons game came out gorgeous.

Here is Nancy at work at her other job while she is not snapping still shots of mountains or me.  Nancy is the one on the right of the Sirens and Corvallis players doing their job.


To see more of these GREAT Shots taken by George Young and Sports Page Magazine, go to where they Support ALL Women’s Football as well.

This weekend, find out how you can be a Photo Sponsor.  Details coming soon!!

You want to write to Nancy about Marketing your team?  Tell her what you need and email her at

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