TEAMS FAILURE to Report Stats

24 Apr

I don’t see the point in promoting a team who fails to promote itself.  I’m talking about stats.  Stats are your blueprint of existence.  It tells you how well you have performed and a guide to where you are heading.  Not only does it track your accomplishments, it tracks where improvements can be made.

Each team has a website.  The website doesn’t really tell you anything about the teams performance except for win/loss.  Sure, there’s field information, schedule, players, coaches….but what does that all mean?  You get the data on a team and then your talking total recall.

What do I mean by total recall?  I’m talking as a fans perspective.  How many of you follow batting averages?  How important do you think that is to a pitcher?  Knowing his/her limitations, knowing the batters limitations.  Really studying the game.  It makes it that more exciting when a fan knows that much more about you.  What about in basketball?  How many were aware that many fouls made toward the end of a Laker game was geared towards making Shaq throw free throws?  His averages were awful.   In Football, a QB needs to know that the receiver catches more than they miss.  Same goes for the defending team.  They may choose to cover more or less of a particular player based on past performance.  These are just guides, but it helps to evaluate a teams performance and gives notable recognition to top performers.

If you follow our, I recently posted the three top QB’s in total passing yards.  Not for percentages, but for total yards passed.  I am a true fan of the passing game and I recognized one of the QB’s from following her game during the playoffs last year.  You can bet I will follow closely on the QB stats again this year.  You can also bet I will follow the leading rushers, tackles and special teams.  I don’t have to be a fan of one team.  I’m a fan of good performance and I really enjoy rooting for the players who top perform.  They also deserve that recognition.

For teams  that don’t report….the Shame is on you.  We are going to talk about this very subject on WFB Talk this Sunday at 3pm(pst)/6pm(est).

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