FANS….You Made the Call

17 Apr

Did you know the IWFL kicked off on April 11th along with a new award that the fans can make the call?  Fans have all week long to pick their choice player as MVP of the Game.

See below the Winners and Details on how YOU can make that next call.

From the IWFL website:

You made the call!

Here are your IWFL Week 1 “Fan Choice” Game Day MVP’s
April 11, 2009
Robyn Taylor #72 SIRENS
Tracy Leet #3 ILLUSION
Laura Cantu #4 ENERGY
Toni Cann #45 INTENSITY
Holly Stevens #80 CRUSH
Knengi Martin #47 QUAKE
Jennifer Hogate #46 MAJESTICS
Christi Hudson #53 AFTERSHOCK
Shavone Redd #50 DEMOLITION
Kristine Vidojevski #88 DEMOLITION
Michelle Hicks #55 LOCOMOTION
Denisha Montgomery #24 LOCOMOTION

If you would like to see YOUR FAVORITE player on this list text IWFLMVP to 59925 and follow the directions to vote.

Visit the IWFL “Fan Choice” Game Day MVP page for details

IWFL “Fan Choice” Game Day MVP’s are determined ENTIRELY by fan vote. Each week the player that receives the most fan votes for each IWFL game will make the list, so don’t let your favorite player be left out!

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