Friday Night Football Preview

16 Apr

A new show will be debuting this Friday, April 17th on WFB Talk Continues which will be Hosted by Deb Genz.

Deb Genz is a previous player as well as voice and announcer for the Los Angeles Amazons.  This past weekend she did the season opener play-by-play live audio broadcast for the California Quake vs Los Angeles Amazons on WFB Talk Continues.  She also did the Los Angeles Amazons vs So Cal Scorpions AFC Playoff Game for Women’s Gridiron Magazine in 2007.

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Tune in this Friday, 7pm(pst) and get Deb Genz take on teams in Women’s Football and team match ups from week-to-week.

Also look forward to hearing stats and statistics as well as Guests on the show.

You can tune in EVERY Friday (time TBD) at

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