As Easy as Cinch

8 Apr

What is cinch?  You’ve probably heard me mention “cinch” a few times on the show as well as through the blog and teased even through our  It’s a great tool put out by BlogTalkRadio.


Cinch is a voice to RSS service.

Basically, it puts an audio feed instantly to the web location as soon as you hang up the phone you set up the account with.  The phone you use acts as the recording device.


You call.  They record.  They generate an instant RSS feed with your call as an MP3.  The feed would then be accessible through the URL that you created for the account.

Note: You do not have to use your phone number in the URL as they suggest.  You can use a series of different letters, numbers or words.

You probably would not want to use your team name if you were using the recordings to edit for resubmission for different uses, such as adding sponsors for use on your website.

What can it be used for?

Cinch can be used however you want.  For the purpose of football, you can use for play by play that you want to have control over.

Let’s say you want to add music and your own sponsor commercials for team website use.  You could sell additional sponsor spots by promising them they would be included in audio games you upload to your team website.  You would easily be able to edit using a program like windows movie maker.

How about using it for play by play per quarter.  Let’s say you have a decent game day announcer at the home/away game and you decide to share the URL address with a choice few that couldn’t make it to the game.  They can instantly listen to the game as soon as you hang up.  When 2nd quarter finishes, they can click that clip to continue on.  3rd and then 4th.

And…. if you don’t plan on editing for later use and already have a good play by play announcer that can include all the sponsors and supply the music:

You can use it to share for total website purposes allowing them to subscribe through a reader.  This would allow everyone subscribed to have instant update on their reader as soon as the phone is hung up.  That is why in this case it best to set it up using the quarter system so they are only delayed by quarter.

You wouldn’t need to give them the URL you would have a subscribe button on your team website so they can have any updated information routed to their reader.

What’s nice about Cinch is there is no time limit.  You can talk as long as your phone is on.

You can also limit talking so less mistakes are made by setting increment times.

You can also use Cinch for those on and off the field interviews.

There are so many different uses for Cinch and the best part is that it is on YOUR time schedule.

You never have to worry about a block of time or limited time available to do a LIVE show.  Why Live?  When you can do it in a Cinch!

You have any questions, email

To learn more about Cinch go to

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