Female Tackle Football Pick’em Contest

6 Apr

Don’t forget to sign up for the Pick ’em Contest offered over at the Female Tackle Football website.

Be sure to email John at ftfwebsite@gmail.com to sign up, so he can send you a user name and password to access the Log in.

Info taken from the site:

Female Tackle Football Pick’em Contest

The contest is simple! Pick the winners of each IWFL/WFA game for each week of play. The person with the most successful picks at the conclusion of the IWFL/WFA season is the winner.


Simply email and ask to be setup for the pick’em contest.


  1. Current players, coaches, and administrators in the IWFL/WFA are not permitted to participate. Picking games (even just for fun) is a conflict of interest for anyone currently coaching or playing ball in the IWFL and WFA.

  2. Scheduled games that don’t get played and are ruled as forfeits in the IWFL/WFA will be thrown out and not scored in the pick’em contest.

  3. Contestants have an 11AM Eastern Time deadline on Saturday morning for each weekend of play to make their picks. Contestants that fail to make their picks by this deadline will get the lowest score of those who did pick minus one.

  4. New contestants are welcomed to register and pick games after the season is well underway. New contestants will simply get the lowest score minus one of those who did pick for each week missed.

  5. Contest is limited to 30 registered participants.

  6. No plans for prizes. It’s just for fun.

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