Meet the President/Founder of the IWFFA

2 Apr


Women’s Football Talk will be back this Sunday, April 5th, 6:00pm(est) with Special Guest, Diane Beruldsen, President/Founder of the IWFFA (International Women’s Flag Football Association).


Information taken from the IWFFA website:

The International Women’s Flag Football Association was founded by Diane Beruldsen.

Diane realized that by facilitating the unification of the women’s and girls leagues, teams and players, the sport of flag football would become one of the premier elements in the women’s movement as we enter the next millenium.

With the advent of Title IX, the ground-breaking federal legislation that opened the world of athletics to women, new generations of young girls and women are benefiting from the physical and spiritual empowerment of the sports in ways the world has never known before. Diane Beruldsen had dedicated her life to bringing the sport of football, rich in opportunities for developing confidence, leadership and decision making skills, character, and physical conditioning into women’s lives.

Asked why she has dedicated her life to flag football Beruldsen replied ” This sport, flag football, is unlike any other sport for women. There is blocking, running, throwing, catching, flag grabbing, and more that allows a diverse group of girls or women onto the field to compete on the same team, allowing for such a mix of personalities, skills to allow a special kind of bonding.

Every player, on each team, at every moment of the game is “in the game” and part of the play (not like standing out in right field – softball and waiting for the ball to come to you). The contact in our rules, strategy plus the skills that are learned, allow players to take these “life skills” off the field to better compete with the men in the business, political and social worlds so that we may finaly have female influence in world affairs. And besides all this…… it’s a fun game!”.

Join us this Sunday and learn more about the International Women’s Flag Football Association.  Learn about the impact that it has made on the lives of the many women and girl’s throughout the world.  Learn what measures are being taken to make flag football a professional sport.


Click HERE to see the video on the IWFFA

Note: In the video, get a glimpse of the Long Island Sharks, once a flag football team prior to turning tackle (NY Sharks).

For more information on the IWFFA go to

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