IWFL/WFA PreSeason Rankings

20 Feb

John Spatz, Female Tackle Football (aka John’s Rankings) will be submitting a questionnaire to the Head Coaches of every team in both leagues so he can put together a Preseason Rankings list.

IWFL Top 10 Tier I
IWFL Top 10 Tier II
WFA Top 15

He said he is going to have something similar to the Street and Smith’s Rankings for college football.  A rankings list plus a sentence or two saying what to look out for this year.

He said he would like to include questions like # of returning starters on offense/defense, number of veterans on the left of the offensive line, etc. for teams that run with a right handed QB.  Something short and sweet.

He has the scores from last year as well as his own probability tables.

So Coaches, be on the look out for John’s Questionnaire.

To view John’s website, go to www.femaletacklefootball.com or click on the link on the sidebar.  Email John at ftfwebsite@gmail.com.

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