Coach Penn is Back!! 3rd & Long Tonight

4 Feb


You haven’t heard 3rd & Long or from Coach Penn in awhile, because he has been training his team hard through the month of January, which I believe he called it HELL month.  I’m sure tonight he’ll go into more detail as well as what’s ahead for the 2009 season.

~ The show will return on February 4th 2009 ~


The Quake have had practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in January for Hell Month. Now that that is over, back to the “keeping you informed” world.




·        Schedules have been released and within days of each other, hmmmmm.

·        Most intriguing games of the IWFL & WFA

·        Stop all the talk about leagues playing each other

o       It’s not going to happen this year

o       Let’s focus on your team, your season & your league.

·        Spread offense vs. Cloud of dust

o       Advantages

o       Disadvantages

o       More prevalent in women’s football.

o       How to decide what to run.

·        The NCAA bowl games

o       Recap of the best bowls

o       Who’s is the national champion in my poll?

o       Was Utah slighted?

·        Super Bowl recap

o       My guess is that it will be the…….

o       GIANTS (if BJ is healthy) VS. STEELERS


The show will be on bi-weekly from 2/4/08 on out until my season begins April 11th vs. LA Amazons and my good friend Coach Duncan.


Future shows will include sit-ins with the Quake coaching staff for film review and meetings.


Do you want to be on the show or have show ideas?

Email Coach Penn at

Tune into 3rd & Long w/Coach Penn at WFB Talk Continues at 7pm(pst)/10pm(est).



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