Meg Part of Women’s Football RoundTable This Saturday

26 Jan

If you caught the tail end of the show yesterday, you would have heard me say that we weren’t going to have a show on SuperBowl Sunday (February 1), but Meg would be on another show as guest this Saturday.

You’ve heard me talk about Women’s Sports Talk Show when they first debuted with a short clip of  Jordyn White, DC Divas.  You also heard me talk about their Producer of the show, Tonja.  Tonja said they wanted to have a Women’s Football RoundTable and asked for a suggestion of players to be on that well represented the leagues.

Guests will be Megan Glass, WFB Talk co-host, as well as player for the WPFL, NWFA and IWFL ; Camille Head, team co-owner/delegate and player IWFL; Casandra Alston, retired player WPFL, IWFL and now providing active support for her team in the WFA.

Check out Women’s Sports Talk Show this Saturday, January 31 at 1pm(pst)/4pm(est) and keep me company in their chat room as I listen every Saturday in support of women’s sports and women’s football.


Screen Shot taken from the Women’s Sports Talk Show

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