Girl’s Flag Football Campaign “KICK OFF”

21 Jan

This Sunday will be “KICK OFF” for the Girl’s Flag Football Donation Campaign.

Ten young women were chosen to establish girls flag football in the high schools.

The crew at WFB Talk pledged to take part by contacting EVERY Women’s Tackle Football team to donate at least $25 to the cause.  Our outlook is very promising for teams showing support.

(Excerpt taken from Girl’s Flag Football Campaign Soon Underway:)

While speaking with Brenda Johnson, who is in charge of project operations in the Las Vegas area,  she informed us that there was no funding available this year.

What teams may not realize, the interest for women to play tackle football is declining year after year because there is no type of feeder program.

If flag football were in the high schools, more young women would be aware and the athleticism would be greater for fielding a team.  This would also bring awareness to the community that women play tackle football.

The money donated will help provide the necessary equipment  for the 2009 season (36 schools in the district), which will begin in March.

Love Media Group will be setting up an account to take donations.  Once this has been established, we will be contacting each team.

Tune in this Sunday 3pm(PST) / 6pm(EST) at WFB Talk to hear more details.

“We as women, we as football players need to take that first step into action to support women in sports.”

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