Meg’s Series of Mini-Segments

14 Jan

If you heard the show last Sunday, January 11, when we had guests Norine Rathbone, a Real Live Pink Bat and Tonita (Toni) Cochran, Original Barnstormer from the “No Limits” Barnstorming Tour, you would have also heard a segment from Meg on Conditioning.  She has put together a series of clips to be played each week.

This morning she submitted two more clips to be played this week and the next.  This week’s segment will be on Stretching.  If she gets motivated and continues to send more segments by weeks end, you may also hear her segment on Leadership (we shall just have to wait and see :-)).

Since Meg plays for the Houston Energy, a member of the IWFL, they run their practice and conditioning during Sunday’s show.  This is what stemmed the excitement in Meg to submit these clips to our listening audience.  If you didn’t get the chance to hear Meg’s clip on Conditioning, you can do so here megs-segment-conditioning .

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