First Audio Broadcast Games Announced

12 Jan

WFB Talk announced on Sunday’s show that Nancy and myself will be attending the California Quake vs Los Angeles Amazons game in Long Beach, CA Easter weekend for the first IWFL game of the 2009  season (Saturday, April 11th).

If you listened to our show then you know that teams agreed to this season opener date and all teams are traveling at a very close vicinity.  I kidded that Nancy and I would probably be traveling the farthest on that weekend (Sacramento to Long Beach approximately six hours).

It has been confirmed that Coach Josh Penn, Head Coach of the Quake lined up a play by play announcer for the game day broadcast.  I asked Coach Penn if I could hook up my computer in the booth to run the switchboard via my broadband wireless network card.

During the BlogTalkRadio show, SportsGeeks, I confirmed via their live chat board with Coach Dion Lee, that we will also do the Las Vegas Showgirlz vs California Lynx first game of the  WFA InAugural 2009 season (Saturday, April 18th).

I kidded with Coach Lee because, if you recall, he announced for us during the playoffs last year at the Los Angeles Amazons vs the H’Town Texas Cyclones as well as the first River City Bowl when his team was a member of the IWFL.

Original Audio Broadcast (March 15, 2008)

Five women football teams will travel in from all sides of the Colorado River from the Independent Women’s Football League to battle in the inaugural pre-season “River City Bowl”. Hear inside the huddle, strategy plays during live action play. This pre-season event to be hosted by Coach Lee and the Las Vegas Showgirlz.

Update (video added of River City Bowl):

Coach Penn actually did announce the first half of his playoff game last year while coaching against the Dallas Diamonds.  Coach Lee assured me that he has a broadcaster, though I know he could just as easily do it himself as well.

Coach Lee also announced that he will be putting together another River City Bowl, within his new league division, to be held in Las Vegas, tentative date March 28th.  We will be there for that as well.  When more information is developed we will be sure to let you know.

As a reminder, we now have three BlogTalkRadio web sites.  WFB Talk, WFB Talk Continues and Independent Sports Network.  Be sure to keep up with the blog for the latest guests and games scheduled for the 2009 season.

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