SportsGeeks Promote Women’s Tackle Football

5 Jan


SportsGeeks now dedicate the last 30 minutes of their show to Woman’s Tackle Football discussing all news for the up and coming season of the WFA and IWFL and talk about the news that was on WFB Talk and WFB Talk Continues.

Join them for this new segment each and every week.

Coming Spring 2009 Rammy (SportsGeeks) will be a regular correspondent on WFB Talk reporting on games in the Dallas and Fort Worth area during our scores segment.

You can listen to SportsGeeks LIVE every Sunday at 5pm(PST)/8pm(EST).

Listen to SportsGeeks Recent Podcasts:

Coach Dion Lee (Las Vegas Showgirlz) December 21 Click HERE

Anne “Kip” Watson (Dallas Diamonds) December 28 Click HERE

Holly Headen (Dallas Diamonds) January 4  Click HERE

Also join Rammy on the Women’s Tackle Football Group and the IWFL Football Ning Network sites.

Check out SportsGeeks NOW on our Partner page.

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