New iSports Network Blog

30 Dec

Info taken from the new iSports Network Blog:

The Women’s Football Alliance will start its Inaugural season April 2009.

The Women’s Football Alliance currently has 37 teams, consisting of six regions.

Independent Sports Network will be home to the WFA Audio Broadcast for the 2009 Season. Each week the Independent Sports Network, in conjunction with its partners, will have a game-of-the-week that will come to you live every Saturday.

Interested in Advertising with the Independent Sports Network during LIVE Game Broadcasts?


Affiliated Web Sites:

Independent Sports Network (BlogTalkRadio)

iSportsNet Radio (Information Site)

iSports Network Blog

WFB Talk (BlogTalkRadio)

Women’s Football Talk Blog

NOTE: The iSports Network Blog will not take the place of Women’s Football Talk Blog, but will work in conjunction in order to publish additional information necessary for the WFA.

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