Christmas Present Soon to Get

20 Dec

I just bought a present to myself.  I ordered Merle Exit’s Book, Whirl with Merle -It’s a Humorous Life.

I gave Merle a call today, but I believe she is on another press trip so I left her a voice message, to include that her last show left me hungry.  Be sure to check out her BlogTalkRadio show, Whirl with Merle, where she discusses everything under the sun to include dining, travel and products.

Not only is Merle a special friend to us, we spent last year with her on her birthday.  We also went on a press trip in Long Island where she was reviewing the resturant Prime, a five star restaurant, which we were given five star treatment.  Nancy and I will be returning to New York again on Merle’s birthday this year.

Of course we will also again go to a New York Sharks game, where she is the Publicist for the team.  Last year we attended the New York Sharks verse the DC Divas.  We also got the opportunity to attend the New England Intensity verse the Manchester Freedom while in the area.


Looking through the table of contents I noticed Merle had actually included me in one of her chapters (Chapter 17: From Merle’s Whirls to Whirl with Merle) entitled, The Coletta Encouragement.

When I saw that, I said that’s me.  I was honored to be part in her book.


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