WFB Talk LOVES the Vixen!!

17 Dec

Another special “Thank You” goes out to the Minnesota Vixen.

I was visiting their website today and clicked on the calendar.  They have WFB Talk shows penciled in on their calendar every Sunday that we have or had a show.  I love their comment, because YES, it is the truth….WFB Talk Does LOVE the Vixen.


Click HERE for the Minnesota Vixen Event Calendar

If you recall from our first show (August 21, 2007 WFB Talk Debut, History of Women’s Tackle Football), we gave special thanks to Teresa Tierney and the Minnesota Vixen for such a warm welcome which inspired our first show the history of women’s football and the Barnstorming tour, the modern era that started it all.

Then on October 7, 2007 we had a show entitled “The Movement that started it All – WPFL, NWFA, IWFL with Barnstorming Originals on the show, Jodi “Moose” Houglum and Michele Braun.  Toni Cochran was also scheduled, but we ran up with her at the WPFL Championship Game instead, where she was chosen as an ALL Pro Player.

The 1999 WPFL “No Limits” Barnstorming Tour
Working from feedback from female athletes from across the United States, the basic philosophies and logistics of establishing a national women’s pro tackle football league using NFL rules began to form. The idea was to put two teams together with top athletes and play one exhibition game in the HHH Metrodome to judge the athleticism of the players, the quality of the game and the marketability of that game to sports fans across America. Interest snowballed into the very successful “No Limits” Barnstorming Tour. The WPFL is now in history books as the first ever women’s professional nation wide football league. With additional women’s leagues sprouting, the WPFL remains the ONLY women’s full contact football league promoted as a viable professional women’s football league, and the longest operating women’s professional sports league in the nation.

This is the 11th Season for the Minnesota Vixen because of their back to back seasons (Fall 2007 WPFL/Spring 2008 NWFA).


Find out what’s in store for the Minnesota Vixen as they celebrate the Anniversary of the Barnstorming Tour.  Check back on the blog for updates and interview information.

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