Merry Christmas Boo, From WFB Talk

7 Dec

Today on WFB Talk we had guest Boo in LA. As you know, Boo has the Unofficial Guide to Women’s Tackle Football that used to be on the AOL Homepage web site. Since the shutting down of all AOL Homepage web sites, Boo had to find a new home. She chose the Google sites.

On the show, Robin stated the web site address at least three times, which is too much alphabet for me….lol.

Boo, the crew at WFB Talk would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for ALL your contributions to Women’s Football throughout the years and for being a very special guest on our show many times.

If you haven’t already book marked Boo’s web site yet, you can now easily reach her by typing in



Also look for her ICON on the sidebar of the blog.

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