What’s ahead for the NWFA and the WFA?

19 Nov

Since the announcement of Catherine Masters stepping down as CEO of the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) we haven’t heard a peep of what’s going on with the league.  No updates have been made with the site and even the Regional Leagues seem to have fallen off the internet. 

My suggestion for the teams of the NWFA would be get the schedule out and have a GREAT 2009 season.  

As for the WFA (Women’s Football Alliance), Nancy and I will be driving down to Fresno, CA on Sunday to meet with Jeff and Lisa King to discuss what the Women’s Football Alliance holds and what WFB Talk can do for them for the InAugural 2009 season.  

I look forward to meeting them for the first time, though we have had many conversations over the phone and via email.

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