Cozy Sports Bra by way of the Women’s Football Camp

13 Nov

Nancy, Robin and I met Cozy Stone at the Women’s Football Camp in Las Vegas.  She found out about women’s football through a friend and by way of the Women’s Tackle Football Group through Coach Dion Lee.  Cozy attended the camp all four days and let players try out the Cozy Sports Bra for themselves. 

Cozy put together a couple of cozymercials that you will be seeing on her site.  While Cozy was filming, Nancy decided to film on her own by way of her digital camera.  She wanted to make sure she got our very own Robin in the shot while Robin was conducting the interviews for Cozy. 


When you see Cozy’s videos you will hear Robin’s voice and only see Krista Beverly (Las Vegas Showgirlz) and Kj (Karen J) McCune (KC Tribe).   

Information below taken from the web site

About Cozy Stone – Designer/Founder:

I am a native New Yorker. I am an honest (to a fault), disciplined, hard working, highly motivated, creative, visionary with a great sense of humor.

I have been an amateur competitive athlete for more than 41 years. I fell in love with working out from my first sweat and my first split! I began training members, as a calisthenics instructor, at the first Jack LaLanne gym in New York City.

Due to my tenacity, one of my many claims to fame is having the honor of being the first female personal trainer in this country. Some of my former clients include: Arthur Ashe, Billy Jean King, Chris Evert, Roberta Flack, Earl Monroe, Al Pacino, Ed Bradley, U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young, Rochelle Udell, CCH Pounder, Benito Martinez.

After I became a personal trainer, I began competing in tennis, squash, half-marathons, 10K races and bodybuilding contests. Anything to challenge my physical prowess.

I am also a former owner of a bodybuilding gym for women in Los Angeles, California catering to women over 40. I believe you don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. I wanted these women to be players!

It’s not that I’ve ever had a problem finding a sports bra that fit; but a long-lasting, comfortable sports bra was another challenge altogether! My clients in my gym were always complaining; and, I just paid attention.

I recognized a void and filled it. I am exhilarated about designing a sports bra that I am confident will provide women the support and comfort every woman needs and more importantly, wants.

The Cozy Sports Bra© was created out of the need to jump rope in my gym one morning, braless. I, simply, decided to pull a neoprene waistband around my chest and to my surprise discovered remarkable comfort and support. It was an AHA moment for me. That same evening I sat down with pen and paper — and the rest will be known as history.

I am proud that The Cozy Sports Bra© will also be able to assist breast reconstruction patients and other women with physical challenges. The Cozy Sports Bra© will become an indispensable part of every woman’s lifestyle.

So, to every woman around the world…THIS bra is for you!

About The Cozy Bra Company:

The Cozy Bra Company was founded by competitive athlete Cozy Stone and is based in Las Vegas. Cozy’s goal in creating The Cozy Sports Bra© was to “provide a healthy, comfortable and supportive bra for women all over the world.” She adds with a chuckle, “I will leave no breasts unsupported!”

For more information on The Cozy Sports Bra©:

Email Us:

Call Us: (702) 456-1183

Customer Service Hours Of Operation: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Also be sure to check out Cozy’s Group on Women’s Tackle Football Group


Nancy sporting her own red Cozy at the Women’s Football Camp

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