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12 Nov

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Women’ Football –

·        West Virginia Wonders were announced as a new team in the WFA, but then the NWFA recanted that transfer

·        The WFA has 4 regions set up, including the remaining team of the WPFL.

o  More teams are still being added

o  When is their cutoff date for the 2009 season?

·        How long will it be before the WFA and NWFA merge?

·        Did C.M. contact the IWFL about merging before quitting?

·        Another week has passed and nothing has been announced about what is new with the IWFL

o  Was a gag order placed or are people that good at keeping secrets?

o  Site has yet to be updated with new divisions and teams.

§ Who got booted and who’s playing who?

·        How was everyone’s experience at the Football Camp or All-Star Event?

o  Were both a success?

o  What did the coaches meeting accomplish at the All-Star event?

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