Get Some Insight on 3rd & Long Tonight w/Coach Penn

29 Oct

Tune in Tonight at 7pm (PST) at WFB Talk Continues

3rd & Long – Wednesday, October 29

Show discussion topics

·        The future of the NWFA

o  C.M. steps downs

o  Structuring to be similar to WFA

o  What does this mean?

§ Two likely scenarios, with a third horrible but most likely scenario

·        The IWFL league meetings this past weekend

o  When does the season start?

o  What are the new divisions?

o  When will the league website be updated?

o  Three new teams since my last show

§ LA Amazons

§ Chattanooga Locomotion

§ NY Nemesis

·        Next weekend is huge, next show

o  Football Camp in Vegas

o  All-star event in Texas

·        Tryouts and Fundraiser’s ongoing

·        College football

o  New poll

o  Big games this weekend

§ Texas @ Texas Tech

§ Florida vs. Georgia

§ FSU @ Georgia Tech

§ Northwestern @ Minnesota

o  BCS Busters

§ Utah @ New Mexico

§ Boise State @ New Mexico St.


§ Tulsa @ Arkansas

·        Pro Football

o  Surprises

§ Tennessee Titans

·        Undefeated!!!!!

§ Bungles & Lionesses

·        Winless!!!

§ Indy & San Diego

§ NE & Washington

 Coach Penn


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