Calling ALL Team Websites…

24 Oct

I have a guy who knows a guy who knows….

Seriously, I’m talking to one of my classmates who does websites as a business.  He is in my Business Planning class and everyone except me has started or is starting their own business.  I am however using WFB Talk for my weekly homework assignments and am promoting women’s tackle football to my instructor. 

She already knows about all the leagues and how many teams, what tools are used for promoting, the two network boards ( and  She knows about the two events happening next month (Women’s Football Camp & Conference in Vegas and the All Star Weekend in Texas).

I approached my classmate and gave him the current league websites and asked him to take a look at the team sites and pick a few from each league and tell me how he would make them better. 

If there is a team out there that wants him to take a look at their site or if there is a function that you want your site to do, email me.  I was even told he charges a third the cost what the competitor would  charge.  He is going to forward on to me some website information so I can take a look at some of his customers sites.  I even invited him for a future show so he can give us tips.

Be sure to email me at so I can let him know that you want him to take a look at your site.

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