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29 Sep

If you tuned into the show Sunday afternoon you would have heard Meg and I discussing who Women’s Football Talk supports.  We support ALL women’s football to include leagues, established and new forming.  We also support any type of women’s football which would include flag and yes, even peewee.  Though our broadcast (WFB Talk) and blog is generally focused on Women’s Tackle Football, we must not forget where young girls and women may have got their initial interest in the sport and who are now supporters of women’s tackle football.

During the off season a lot of previous as well as current players are still involved in flag football.  The local flag league here in Sacramento (SWFFA) even went as far as cancelling all scheduled games on November 8th and rescheduling them so that players could attend either the IWFL All Star weekend in Texas or the Women’s Football Camp and Conference in Las Vegas.

Women’s Football Talk is proud to be a part of the local Flag Football League in the Sacramento area (SWFFA) not only as players, but also in the promotion of its league through video broadcast.

The idea originated because our team mate, Jaime Formico, is expecting her baby boy any day now and she will not be able to attend the games.

Each week there will be four games played, but two will be broadcast, except on October 18, there will be three games broadcast so that each team is represented LIVE.

Two games will broadcast on Saturday, October 11 go to for the actual broadcast link.

10am(pst)/1:00pm(est)  Wicked & Wild vs F.A.T.

11am(pst)/2:00pm(est)  Dogg Pound vs Speed Racers

Be sure to check back for all scheduled games soon to be posted

Note: These broadcasts will be the normal surrounding sound you would incur as if watching a game from the side lines.  Re-broadcast access will also be available.

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